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In today's era of serious homogeneity of sealing test equipment, Harris technology has broken through with "non-standard equipment"

As China has abundant labor resources and huge market space, it has laid a solid foundation for the development of die casting industryThe production center of the company is gradually inclined to the domestic market. As one of the important metal forming technologies, die casting has penetrated into various industrial fields, especially in the fields of computer, communication, digital film and television, furniture and so on

Products to be tested: Industrial die castings

In the process of die casting production, the degree of automation is gradually improved and is becoming more and more popular; Die casting waterproof is no longer a new topic, die casting in any industry, waterproof can not be ignored.At present, the best instrument to detect the waterproof level is the air tightness detectorLet's take a look at the waterproof inspection of industrial die castings with Harris technology.

Waterproof inspection fixture for industrial die casting

What the customer asked for this time isTest the airtightness of the die casting, and check whether there are trachoma or cracks on the die casting that cannot be seen by naked eyesThis is not difficult for us. Let's take a look at the equipment and methods used this time.

Hermes non standard four position sealing test equipment

Equipment used: Harris non-standard four position sealing test equipment

Test method: the product is directly inflated

The sealing test equipment used in this test is different from other equipment on the marketAt the same time, it can test four products with high efficiency, which greatly improves the detection efficiency.Due to the large number of die castings, ordinary single air tightness testing instrument is difficult to meet the special needs of customers, so Harris technology customized according to the needs of customersNon standard four position sealing test equipmentThe equipment is easy to operate, flexible and not single. The function can be increased or decreased according to the needs of customers, and there is a large room for change.

Industrial die castingSealing test equipment

Non standard equipment design scheme is designed according to the needs of customers, different customers have different needs, generally can reflect the strong pertinence. For enterprises, non-standard equipment plays an important role in their production. Whether the products meet the market needs and whether they have good economic benefits is a matter of life and death for enterprises. Therefore, Harris technology also attaches great importance to it and reforms one after another, trying to produce the non-standard air tightness test equipment most suitable for the needs of customers.

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