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Inspection scheme display of wire connector sealing tester

As we all know, in order to ensure the safety of use, most of the wire connectors have to be tested for tightness. For example: electrical connector, electrical wire connector, automotive connector, automotive wire connector and so on. However, different wire connectors have different detection methods. The traditional detection methods can not meet the testing requirements of different types of connectors. In the face of different testing needs, the new type of wire connector waterproof tester of Harris technology also arises at the historic moment.

What needs to be tested this time is an ordinary wire connector, which has small volume and irregular shape. In order to test its tightness and water resistance, we need to measure it according to its shape, diameter, size and the scope of testing. We understand that there are many processes at the metal end of the wire rod, and customers need to test the sealing performance at many places at the metal end. Hiris analyzes the detection strategy with the customer, considering that there may be air leakage in the middle part of the connector, and the customer needs the detection fixture to play a common role. We help customers develop the following detection scheme. The detection method can detect both ends of wire connector at the same time, which can shorten the test time and improve the production effect. The detection details are shown in the figure below.


1. Testing difficulties of wire connector

(1) The wire connector has small volume and irregular shape, so it can't be well fixed on the inspection die;

(2) The wire at both ends of the wire connector is soft and has a high folding degree, which is easy to cause air leakage during closing detection;

(3) The two ends of the connector are not closed, so it is difficult to seal. In the detection process, the other end of the connector is prone to gas leakage, which leads to inaccurate sealing test results.


Die of wire connector sealing tester

2. In the face of the above difficulties, how to detect the tightness of wire characteristics

Before testing, Harris technology will customize a mold tooling according to the shape of the wire connector. In order to better fix the two ends of the connector, there are special grooves on the mold according to the shape, diameter, size of the wire and the place to be tested, which can better fix the wire connector at both ends.


Wire connector sealing tester

Put the wire connector into the tooling die to connect with our instrument. There is a valve island, air tank and other parts inside the instrument and the program we set. After connecting, press the start button when testing the wire.

During the test, the instrument will inflate the mold. If the wire connector is not sealed and air leakage occurs, the leakage value in the instrument will be larger and larger, and the pressure value will drop. At this time, it can determine whether the wire connector leaks, and the instrument test results will also show ng, which means that the air tightness test does not pass. If the tested wire connector does not leak, the gas in the tooling die will be in a constant state after inflation, the pressure value and leakage value displayed on the instrument are also stable, and the test result of the instrument will display "OK", indicating that the air tightness test has passed.

3. Instrument parameters


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