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Hermetic water pipeline joint tightness test scheme Exhibition

As the connecting part of the water pipe, the water pipe joint is not a whole with the water pipe. They are connected by splicing. Due to the angle of the joint, it needs to bear higher water pressure than the water pipe. At this time, the sealing between the joint and the water pipe is very important, otherwise, the seal that is not in place is prone to water leakage and pipe burst. Next, Harris technology will share our water pipeline joint sealing test scheme with you, hoping to help manufacturers better test the sealing performance of water pipeline joints.

Display drawing of hiris technology water channel pipeline joint tightness tester

At present, the sealing performance of water channel pipe joint should reach IP68 waterproof grade, and the test pressure is 200kpa-500kpa. According to the characteristics of the products to be tested, the hermetic detector of Harris technology adopts the pressure drop method. Through the equal amount of air intake, pressure stabilization, detection, and the change of gas pressure and volume, the leakage rate and leakage value are obtained through a series of sampling, calculation and analysis by the precision tester PLC. According to these data, the prompt to judge OK or ng is made.

Structural design drawing of hiris technology waterway pipeline joint tightness detector

We pass a certain pressure and volume of gas into the closed cavity of the workpiece, then disconnect the compressed air supply of the parts (the valve is closed), and keep the pressure stable for a period of time. After a given measurement time, we measure the pressure change. If there is a leak, the sensing pressure will drop. The principle and detection method are shown in the figure below

Principle of pressure drop method of Harris Technology

Schematic diagram of hermetic seal inspection

This sealing tester can support leakage test, blocking test, positive pressure test, negative pressure test and other sealing test methods, the test range is about - 40kpa ~ 150kPa, in this range, users can choose according to their own needs. In addition, it has 4-way switch input and 8-way relay output. It also realizes remote management and real-time monitoring functions, equipped with bar code scanning, attached with USB interface, plug-in link, to meet various complex test requirements, greatly saving operation time and improving waterproof detection efficiency.

The water pipeline joint air tightness detector has 200 user subroutines. By setting the parameters of subroutines on the touch screen, the user can connect different subroutines in series to form a test process. Through the I / O interface of the leakage detector, the leakage detector can receive the control signals from external sensors and control the external executive components (relays, solenoid valves, etc.). It has reached the standard of production automation.

At present, the airtightness detector for waterway pipe joints of Harris technology has been put into production, and has been unanimously praised by manufacturers. It is the preferred waterproof detector product for manufacturers. Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the field of high-precision waterproof detection for ten years. We promise to provide customers with effective waterproof detection solutions free of charge. We hope our sharing can help you solve the problems of production detection.

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