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Production and application of air tightness testing equipment for multichannel blood separation cup

The quality requirements of medical supplies have always been very high. Because of the special environment, many medical supplies need to have waterproof requirements. For the medical supplies that need to be waterproof, it is necessary to test the air tightness of the products. At present, the waterproof test of medical supplies is generally usedAir tightness detector。 The medical product to be tested today is disposable blood separation cup. The blood component separation cup is a kind of medical supplies, which is used for the collection, separation and transfusion of platelets. The blood separation cup is used to separate blood, and the product should have good sealing performance.

Customer's demand for air tightness testing equipment of blood separation cup:

1. Use compressed air to detect whether there is leakage in the blood separation cup

2. Rapid detection of product air tightness.

血液分离瓶Air tightness testing equipment-海瑞思科技

(four channel air tightness testing equipment for blood separation bottle)

Hermes air tightness testing equipment uses compressed air as testing medium. It will not cause secondary damage to the test product and is a non-destructive air tightness test method. This new air tightness test method is more convenient and faster than the traditional water immersion method, and will not cause damage to the test products. Therefore, this waterproof test method is quickly accepted by many customers. Because this blood separation cup is a disposable medical supplies, production and demand is very large, customers need an efficient blood separation cup air tightness testing equipment. According to the needs of customers, Harris technology develops this four channel blood separation cup air tightness detection equipment for customers, each channel can detect two products. This four channel blood separation cup air tightness testing equipment can test 8 products at the same time.

Because the test product has two intake pipes, which can directly inject compressed air into the product, this test method is called direct test. There are eight test methods for hermetic tester, which can be used according to the characteristics of products and customer requirements.


(blood separation bottle test details)

This kind of non-standard multi-channel air tightness testing equipment is more efficient than the single channel instrument, and it also saves the labor cost for manufacturers. In general, a single channelAir tightness test设备One operator is required. This kind of multi-channel blood separation bottle air tightness detection equipment only needs one operator to operate, which greatly saves the labor cost of the factory and saves the expenses for the factory.

The air tightness test instrument selected for customers is the instrument of herrense HN pilot series. Navigation series is a kind of instrument specially designed for automation field. It has very high flexibility and scalability. With modular design, the control system is independent of the executive part. The system can control multiple execution modules to form multi-channel test. At the same time, it also takes into account the cost performance!


(HN pilot air tightness detector)

A lot of medical devices in the medical industry are needed气密性检测Waterproof test. Hermes technology has done a lot of air tightness testing equipment for medical products, such as oxygen bag air tightness testing, surgical puncture device air tightness testing instrument, medical washing gun waterproof testing instrument, electronic stethoscope air tightness testing equipment... If you are interested in the air tightness testing of the medical industry, or your medical products need waterproof testing, welcome to call Hermes technology.

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