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Hermes air tightness and waterproof testing equipment is the key equipment for waterproof testing of insulation cup cover

"Spinning Pilates, medlar in thermos cup"It is undeniable that the thermos cup is invading the young culture and becoming a new fashion item.If the mug is on fire, it doesn't mean the mug industry is on fire. If you want to make the mug from the social scene of young people into the life scene, the mug manufacturers still have a lot to do.

Product to be tested: thermos cup cover

Heat and cold insulation is the basic function,Waterproof function is also a point that can not be ignored. Now, the waterproof method of the thermos cup cover is to use silica gel sealing ring to put it on the thermos cup coverIt is mainly used for waterproof and sealing,The heat preservation cup with good sealing property is more convenient to carry, no water leakage and no air leakage.

Mould for air tightness and waterproof inspection of insulating cup cover

Hiris technology has done the waterproof detection case of the insulation cup cover, today to share with you. The heat preservation cup cover needs to meet the requirementsIP68Waterproof gradeThe following are the equipment and solutions used:

Equipment used: HarrisHPAir tightness and waterproof tester

Solution: using the direct test method, according to the structure of the thermos cup cover, the mold is designed to plug the two ends of the cover, from the hole above the cover to the coverwithincavitychargeInflation pressure:150KPA, inflation time:5S, voltage stabilization time20S, test time5S.The thermos cup is usually used to hold water with higher temperature,It is easy to shake and produce pressure when carrying out, so the sealing requirements are relatively high, so our pressure stabilization time is relatively long to ensure that the sealing of the thermos cup cover can meet the requirements of customers.

Test parameters of hermetic waterproof testing equipment

There is no waterproof effect on the insulation Cup, which will affect the service life of the insulation Cup. Therefore, enterprises choose to take the waterproof performance of the insulation Cup as a standard parameter. At present, the use of HarrisHPAir tightness and waterproof testerIt is very effective to test the waterproof performance of the insulation cup cover, which has won the favor of many customers.

HarrisHPAir tightness and waterproof tester

HarrisTechnology was founded intwo thousand and eightYear,thirteenOver the past years, we have been focusing on air tightness test, waterproof test, sealing testIPR & D, production and sales of waterproof testing equipment. Use their own professional knowledge and rich practical experience to provide customers with high efficiency, high quality, high reliability products and services.

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