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This kind of electric vehicle controller air tightness waterproof detection equipment, is really unusual!

Summer is a rainy season. Although many electric vehicles are well waterproof now, it doesn't mean that they can travel freely in the rain. They also need to take care of their cars. No matter how waterproof the car is, it will be affected if it gets wet for a long time.

Testing die for bottom shell of electric bicycle controller

Electric vehicles play a more and more important role in people's daily life. As the main functional parts of electric vehicles, the controller needs to have good stability, earthquake resistance and waterproof performance, otherwise it will lead to abnormal work and even operation failure of electric vehicles. Among them, the one which has the greatest influence on the stability of the controller performance is the controllerwaterproofThe quality of performance.

Products to be tested and testing equipment

So there are a lot of them nowElectric bicycleThe manufacturer will be rightElectric bicycleThe controller is waterproof to ensure the safetyElectric bicycleThe controller can achieveIP68The waterproof grade of the concrete. The following is a case study on the waterproof inspection of the electronic controller bottom shell of electric bicycle by Harris technology. According to the requirements of customers, Harris has adopted the following equipment and solutions:

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series of airtight waterproof testing equipment

Solution: direct test method, according to the shape and structure of the controller, design the anti shape mold, use the sealing ring to plug the edge of the controller, so that the inner cavity of the controller bottom shell forms a sealed cavity. Put the product into the mold, press the start key, press the bottom shell of the sealing controller on the upper mold, and the instrument enters the test program to test the pressure30KPA, intake time5S,holding time 8S, test time5SThe instrument detects the leakage by monitoring the change of air pressure inside the bottom shell of the controller. According to the set parameters, the system will automatically judge the products that exceed the upper limit of leakage value and fail to reach the test pressure as normalNG

Technical parameters of hermetic waterproof testing equipment

Test processSimple and fast,It only needs simple training for operatorsElectric bicycle electronic controller bottom shellThe whole process is safe, fast and simple, which can help to improve the sealing performanceElectronic controller of electric bicycleTest requirements for sealing performance of manufacturing company.

Electric vehicle controller test tooling

Hiris TechnologyAir tightness test13Year,13In recent years, air tightness testing technology is more mature, with independent R & D and design team and professional after-sales service personnel.After more than ten years of brewing, it has won the trust and support of the market, and has worked with many companiesElectric vehicleThe leading enterprises in the industry cooperate to make one-stop waterproof testing equipment for customers' products. At the same time, the strong cooperation has further established the unshakable position of Harris in the air tightness testing industry.

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