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Harris technology provides convenient and fast air tightness testing equipment for spotlight industry

We usually go thereKTVOr in some places of entertainment, you will find that most of the lamps they use are spotlights. In addition to the lighting effect, this kind of lamp can create an atmosphere, and the spotlights can also have a variety of colors.When installing the ceiling spotlight, by adjusting the position of the spotlight, it can create colorful light and decorate the space.

Waterproof inspection fixture for spotlight

Spotlight is generally used in large stage or high scene, by adjusting the azimuth to achieve the desired position. If the sealing performance of the spotlight is not well done or the waterproof test is not well done, there will be irradiation deviation or unable to irradiate when it is used.

Airtight waterproof testing equipment for spotlights

According to the customer's request, we have to do some work for the spotlightIP68Waterproof gradeThe following are the testing equipment and methods adopted by Harris Technology:

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series of airtight waterproof testing equipment

Test method: indirect test method, customized mold according to the structure of the spotlight, sealed the spotlight with the mold, and then inflated to test the overall waterproof of the spotlight. Test pressure50KPA, inflation time10S, voltage stabilization time10S, test time5S

Performance parameters of airtight waterproof testing equipment for spotlights

Waterproof grade testcanQuickly detect the waterproof of spotlight.Previously used traditionsWaterproof detection method is water detection method, which is inefficient and unable to measure the leakage valueIt is not suitable for batch testing and precision testing in factories.Waterproof testing equipmentUsing compressed air as the detection medium can avoid polluting the electronic components of the product, and can detect the relevant leakage. The detection efficiency can be improved through the station design, which is greatly improved compared with the water detection method.

HarrisHCClassic series of airtight waterproof testing equipment

The airtight waterproof testing equipment of Harris has been applied in all walks of life. Only when the testing equipment can really serve the production process, can we reduce unnecessary manpower, detect unqualified products in advance and reduce the test time. As a kind of testing equipment with high accuracy, low cost and high convenience, airtight waterproof testing equipment of Harris has a very direct economic significance for modern industrial production.

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