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Test example of display panel of hiris flow detection water heater

heaterAs a kind of household appliances with high frequency of use, the water heater of most families will accompany for many years. Therefore, as a kind of non consumption household appliances, most people are not satisfiedmetropolisChoose high quality water heater.

Product to be tested: water heater display panel

stayWater heater display panelIn order to effectively guide the production operation, monitor and control the production process, flow detection is essential. With the development of industrial technology, the accuracy of flow measurement is required to be higher. Traffic detection is often encountered in our daily life. Today, Harris technology will share a case of traffic detection with you.

Water heater display panel flow detection fixture

According to the requirements of customers, Harris TechnologyWater heater display panelThe following equipment and testing methods are used:

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series flow detection equipment

Test method: direct test method, test pressure2~3.5KPA,Inflation time3Second, test time3Second, upper limit of flow:30SCCM

Achieve the effect: to exceed the upper limit of flow and can not reach the lower limit of flow products can quickly test out

Product to be tested: water heater display panel

useHarrisHCClassic series flow detection equipmentcanIt can quickly test the products that exceed the upper limit of flow and can't reach the lower limit of flow。 It also has the characteristics of fast testing speed and good effect.

HarrisHCClassic series flow detection equipment

With the improvement of the level of industrial production automation, the development of HerculesFlow type detection equipmentIt has been well applied in the market. The flow type detection equipment developed and produced by Harris technology is at the advanced level in the domestic detection industry. Some fields gradually replace imported instruments to reduce the procurement cost for domestic production and quality detection.Our products serve many companies in China, and are also exported to overseas50Many regions have achieved very good reputation in all walks of life.

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