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Test example of new energy electric vehicle controller based on airtightness and waterproof test of Harris

At present, the global energy and environment are facing great challenges. As a major oil consumer and carbon dioxide emitter, automobiles need to carry out revolutionary changes. Many well-known automobile enterprises at home and abroad have announced that they will no longer produce traditional fuel vehicles in the next few decades. Compared with fuel vehicles, the impact of new energy vehicles on the environment is greatly reduced, and the greenhouse gas emissions are reduced. In addition, the operation of new energy vehicles is stable and the noise is low.

Product to be tested: new energy electric vehicle controller

The emergence of electric vehicles is more convenient for people to travel. The main speed control of electric vehicles comes from the motorThe electric vehicle motor controller is to drive the motor through the inverter bridge modulation output sine wave, which is an important part of the electric vehicle control strategy.Such an important electric carcontrollerWaterproof performance must be better, otherwise it will cause serious consequences when it rains.

New energy electric vehicle waterproof inspection fixture

To testNew energy electric vehicle controllerIP67Waterproof gradeIt can't be directly put into the water for detection. At this time, a good alternative is to use airtight waterproof detection equipment produced by Harris technology. The following are the equipment and detection methods:

Air tightness and waterproof testing equipment for new energy electric vehicles

Equipment used: HarrisHLLeader series air tightness test equipment

Test method: direct test method, usingCylinderAnd sealing ringyesThe product is plugged, the product is put into the mold, double key start, the cylinder is pressed down and side pushed, the instrument inflates the product, and the inflation time is shortened15Second, voltage stabilization time15Second, test time10secondTest pressure14KPA, leakage value50PA

The detection method has achieved the goalThe leakage value of the product can be accurately tested, and the leakage limit and pressure can not be reached14KPAThe products can be detected quickly.

HarrisHLLeader series air tightness test equipment

aboutNew energy electric vehicle controllerAir tightness test of the air conditionerequipmentAt present, it has been gradually popularized in the market,Electric vehicle controlleryesnew energyThe core components of a car directly affect the safety of the whole car,New energy electric vehicle controllerAir tightness test of the air conditionerUse of equipmentIt will be more and more extensive.

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