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Test example of wire rod for car controller of hiris waterproof testing equipment

As an important factor affecting the comfort and reliability of automobile, the waterproof performance of automobile directly affects the intuitive feeling of consumers. In daily life, vehicles are exposed to water shock in many cases, such as driving in rainy and snowy days, driving over water pavement, car washing, etc., especially the current urban waterlogging has brought a more severe test to the waterproof performance of vehicles.

Product to be tested: wire rod of automobile controller

As the nervous system connecting the automotive electrical appliances, the automotive wiring harness carries the transmission task of current and signal, so once the waterproof of the wiring harness fails, it will cause the electrical function failure, and even cause the short circuit and car burning. Therefore, the waterproof performance design of wiring harness is particularly important in the design of vehicle electrical system.

Automotive controller wireWaterproof inspection fixture

The customer asked for the wire rod of automobile controllerIP68Waterproof gradeTherefore, Harris adopts the following equipment and methods for the product:

Automotive controller wireAir tightness and waterproof testing equipment

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series positive and negative pressure air tightness testing equipment

Test method: direct test method, by sealing the connectors on both sides of the connector, and then directly inflate, test the air pressure change of the sealing space to judge the tightness of the connectors and wires on both sides. The test pressure is100KPA The upper limit of leakage shall not exceed50pa

In this way,For the pressure can not reach100KPAOr the upper limit of leakage is exceeded50PAIt can be detected quickly. aboutNGProducts, can be detected by subsequent testingNGWhich end of the wire is leaking

HarrisHCClassic series positive and negative pressure air tightness testing equipment

Waterproof design of vehicle is a very complex and important project. The water tightness of wiring harness is an important part of electrical system reliability. Wiring harness is the key component of automobile. Its basic function is to carry current and signal. The poor waterproof performance directly affects the realization of basic functions. So the wiring harnessWaterproof detection is very important.

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