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In the era of new energy vehicles, which kind of waterproof test equipment is more popular in the market?

The car is now a well-known means of transportation, now that we have entered a new eratwenty-oneIn the 21st century, of course, there have been some different changes in automobiles, such as the changes in science and technology. In recent years, the most popular automobile industry is new energy vehicles.In the past, after every heavy rain, the automobile maintenance department would be busy for a while, because the old electric vehicles were flooded by rain, resulting in the failure of batteries, motors or controllers, and some even the whole car"Paralysis.".

Product to be tested: new energy vehicle controller

But new energy electricsteamCars can solve this problem because of new energy electricsteamThe motor, controller, battery and other important parts of the car have been waterproofed, and there are good waterproof measures。 The controller of new energy vehicle needs to ensure that it can run steadily even in bad environment, so it has high requirements for waterproof.

Waterproof inspection fixture for new energy vehicle controller

According to customer requirementsNew energy vehicle controllerIP67Waterproof testThe following equipment and methods are used by Harris technology:

Equipment used: Harris differential pressure gas tightness test equipment

Test method: inflation (pressure)10.5KPA)Go to the inside of the product, and test the product for leakage after pressure maintaining test

New energy vehicle controller sealing test equipment

After herrense differential pressure gas tightness test equipment100STest timeafter, leakage less than50paOfThe product isOKadoptThe waterproof test of Harris technology, the design of new energy vehicle controllerFactory pass rate greatly improved, won a good market!

New energy vehicle controller sealing test equipment

Facing the increasingly severe global environmental problems, new energy vehicles play a very important role in energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. As the main product of new energy vehicles, the application of new energy electric vehicles will be more and more widely under the market demand of lightweight, miniaturization and high reliabilityThe waterproof performance of new energy vehicle control is becoming more and more important.

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