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How much do you know about waterproof test of lithium battery? After reading this article, you will understand it all!

With the development of science and technology, lithium battery products are widely used. For example, mobile phones, laptops, electric cars. Electric vehicles, cleaning equipment, etc. Hydropower is indispensable in our life. With the wide application of lithium battery, it also needs to guard against water, and electrical equipment is necessaryWaterproof, because water can do harm to it.

Product to be tested: lithium battery

Lithium batteries must be strictly waterproof and dustproof,for instance,The power of power source of power vehiclelithium batteryHow to produce a qualified and stable battery has become the first priority for the development of new energy vehicle industry. The sealing test and air tightness test of new energy vehicle battery pack have also become a focus.

Lithium battery waterproof inspection fixture

Customer request for lithium batteryIP67Waterproof testToday, Harris technology will share with you the method and equipment used for waterproof test of lithium batteries

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic Series Sealing tester

Detection method: according to the shape of the product, the profiling mold is made, and the product is put in the middle of the mold for testing

Hai ruisiweimouldEquipped withDesign of slide in and outconvenientPut the lithium battery into the sealing tester.For those who can't reachIP67Standard products, can be accurately tested, and there is an alarm.

Sealing test equipment for lithium battery

Harris TechnologyVery experienced in battery testing,Tested a variety of batteries,for instanceNew energy vehicle batteryElectric vehicle batterylithium batteryBatterypackAnd so on, can provide the precision accurate, the stability is strong, the operation is simple airtightTesting instrument for electrical conductivity

Lithium battery sealing tester

Therefore, when we choose some products that use lithium batteries, the waterproof performance is very important. Once the waterproof performance does not meet the standard, it is easy to cause unnecessary losses.

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