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It is used for waterproof inspection of die casting, which is intuitive and convenient

Die casting is widely used in people's daily life, such as vehicles, motorcycles and other means of transport, household appliances, hardware tools, electronic communications, national defense industry and other fields.

Product to be tested: Die Casting

Die casting surface treatment technology can not increase too muchcostIn this case, make the surface of the die castingsufferMaintenance and enhancement, thenstrengthenThe service life and reliability of products, improve the function and quality of mechanical equipment, enhance the competitiveness of products. Therefore, die casting surface treatment technology, promote the development of high and new technology, about saving materials, saving energy and so on are of great significance.

Die casting waterproof inspection fixture

Due to the wide distribution of die castings, the technical requirements and specifications of castings are different, and different structures have different requirements for the same products. But one of the requirements is that almost all die casting products need to have, that is waterproof. In this article, Harris will take you to know how to test the waterproof performance of die castings.

Sealing test of die casting partsequipment

Customer requirements testIs there any trachoma or crack on the die casting that cannot be seen by naked eyesTherefore, Harris adopts the following equipment and methods for testing:

Equipment used: HarrisHCAir tightness testing equipment

Detection method: the product is a semi-finished product, one side is open, which can be detected by directly inflating the sealed side

This method is used by Harris technologyFor products with leakage, it can be useddirectDetection, intuitive detectionOKandNGproductIt is intuitive and convenient.

Die castingAir tightness testing equipment

With the continuous improvement of the development level of domestic manufacturing equipment industry, the equipment level of die-casting machine is also significantly improved, the types of parts that can be manufactured are also constantly expanded, and the precision and complexity of die-casting parts have also been greatly improvedDie casting after the development of Harris TechnologyAir tightness testing equipmentAfter testing the waterproof performance,In the near future, die casting will better serve our productionandlife!

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