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Analysis of test method for waterproof and sealing of control box of automotive electronic components

The automobile industry is in a rising period of continuous prosperity, just as the mechanical structure of traditional automobile is being replaced by a large number of electronic components, more and more electronic components are used in automobile products. The innovation of automobile industry makes the electronic industry have greater development space.

Water is very harmful to electronic components, which usually leads to the corrosion of circuit board or components and short circuit between components. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to water-proof, do not let electronic components water. In order to ensure the safe use of electronic components, manufacturers usually need to test the waterproof of electronic components. Manufacturers generally use waterproof testing equipment to test the waterproof of electronic components.

Take the following electronic components as an example. This product is made of plastic. There are connecting lines around the product and four points on the product that need to be screwed. These are the most difficult points to seal. In order to ensure the good sealing performance of the product, it is necessary to make the overall design of the productAir tightness test


For this kind of finished product, and the product does not have any inflation port, Harris usually makes a similar mold for the product to realize the indirect test of waterproof detection. The figure below shows the mold made by Harris technology for this product. There are sealing rings around the upper and lower molds. The sealing ring has two functions, one is to protect the product, the other is to better seal the upper and lower molds. When the upper and lower molds are sealed, the products in the mold are in a completely sealed space. The Harris waterproof tester fills the mold with a certain amount of compressed air through the air pipe. When the inflation time reaches, the instrument will disconnect the inflation. We can directly see the pressure change of the compressed air in the mold on our air tightness tester, The space in the mold is fixed, and the air pressure is fixed. If the air pressure in the mold changes very little, it means that the test product in the mold is well sealed. If the air pressure in the mold continues to drop, it means that the test product has leakage, resulting in the compressed air in the mold leaking into the test product. This is the principle of air tightness testing.


According to the requirements of customers, the test level is IP68. There is no clear standard definition for IP68. Basically, as long as the test strength exceeds waterproof level 7, and the products pass the test successfully, they can be said to have their own waterproof level up to IP68. In practical application, it is a parameter that exceeds IP7 agreed by you and the customer.

According to the customer's products and many waterproof tests, the customer's test parameters are as follows:

Test pressure: 50kPa, lower intake limit: 49kpa

Upper leakage limit: 0.1kpa, inflation time: 5S

Voltage stabilization time: 10s, test time: 5S

Tongduo test parameters, we know that the time to test a product is 20s, three products can be tested in one minute, and this test speed can keep up with the production speed of customers. If the production efficiency of the customer's products is improved, in addition to adding several sets of air tightness testing equipment, at the same time, Harris can also make non-standard double channel, three channel and four channel waterproof testing equipment.

控制盒Air tightness detector器与工装-深圳海瑞思

After setting the test parameters on the air tightness test equipment, the operator can put the test product into the mold to start the test,气密性检测仪(also known as waterproof tester) will automatically determine whether the product is OK product or ng product according to the set test parameters. For ng product, the operator should take it out for further waterproof treatment or inspection.


With the wide application of electronic products in automobiles, Harris has done waterproof testing equipment for many auto parts and automotive electronic products, accumulated thousands of cases, easy to operate and mature technology. If you need waterproof testing equipment for auto parts or related electronic components, please call Harris technology【 This article is edited and published by Harris( )Please indicate the source for reprint]

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