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New energy vehicle charging accessories air tightness, waterproof test method case sharing

With the maturity of new energy vehicle technology and national support for new energy vehicles, more and more people begin to choose to buy new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles are powered by electricity, so they are more environmentally friendly. Although the electricity is environmentally friendly, but the car in the process of charging need to ensure that the car charging accessories need to have waterproof function.

Because when charging new energy vehicles, they are usually outdoors. Therefore, the charging accessories of new energy vehicles need to have the waterproof grade of IP67 For example, new energy vehicle charging plug, vehicle charging gun, vehicle charging pile. If these charging accessories do not have the corresponding waterproof level, there may be leakage, electric shock risk. Therefore, after the production of new energy charging accessories, manufacturers will conduct waterproof test on the products to ensure the safe use of users. At present, the mainstream waterproof detection method in the market is the air tightness detection method.


(details of waterproof inspection of some new energy vehicle parts)

Air tightness testThat is to use compressed air as the medium to fill the compressed air into the product or mold. The leakage of the product can be judged by the change of the air pressure inside the product. At the same time, different test pressure can be adjusted according to different products and waterproof grade requirements. For example, for many IP67 waterproof products, the corresponding test pressure is 10.5kpa. If the waterproof grade of the product is IP68, the test pressure greater than 10.5kpa should be set according to the pressure that the product can bear.

For new energy auto parts, the general waterproof grade should reach IP67 and IP68, and the test pressure is also different. It is mainly set according to the requirements of customers and the characteristics of products. Hiris technology has tested the waterproof performance of many new energy auto parts. For example, the test pressure of the car charging gun, the car charging plug and the car charging pile are 30KPa, 100KPA and 25kpa respectively. The test time varies with the test products. Some products have large internal space and need longer inflation time. Although some test products are large, the test pressure is very high, and the inflation time will be very fast.

海瑞思HCAir tightness test设备和HL气密性检测仪

(Harris)HC and HL air tightness tester)

Hiris technology has done a lot of air tightness testing equipment for auto parts. We can make non-standard waterproof testing equipment according to your testing products. If you have any questions about the waterproof test of car charging accessories, please call Harris technology to provide you with waterproof test free of charge,气密性检测And so on

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