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Application and advantages of airtight leak detection equipment for dash cam and radar tracker

To put it bluntly, the dash cam is a camera monitoring, and the one that records the image in front of the car is a camera. After the installation of dash cam, it can record the video image and sound of the whole process of vehicle driving, which can provide evidence for traffic accidents. Radar tracker can locate and track. Many cars are equipped with dash cam and radar tracker. Nowadays, many outdoor cyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts also begin to install dash cam and radar tracker in their cars.


Figure: Waterproof detection products - dash cam and radar tracker

The dash cam can record the beautiful scenery along the way for the outdoor riders, and the radar tracker can locate the user's position, so that the family can know the rider's position and feel more at ease. But for electric motorcycle and outdoor cyclists, it's normal to encounter wind, frost, rain and snow, which requires that the dash cam and radar tracker installed on motorcycles or bicycles have waterproof function.The manufacturer that needs to do waterproof test this time is a company that produces auto parts. The main products are dash cam and radar tracker, and customers want to make a choice for these two productsWaterproof testBut there is no need to buy two air tightness detectors. According to the requirements of customers, hiris engineering has made this double position waterproof testing equipment, which can test the air tightness of two different products at the same time.


Figure: double position waterproof test equipment

The air tightness tester selected for customers this time is the latest version of HC classic air tightness tester of Harris. With positive and negative pressure, this air tightness detector can not only make single channel air tightness detection equipment, but also make double channel air tightness detection equipment flexibly. It is a reliable instrument, which has been used in thousands of factories.


Figure: HC air tightness detector

Because the requirement of waterproof grade for the dash cam and radar tracker to be tested is IP67. At the same time, the two products of the customer are different in size, so the test parameters should be set according to the characteristics of each product. After many tests, two different pressures are set for the two products of the customer. The waterproof grade is IP67, and the pressure greater than 10kp should be used for testing, because the tracker is smaller, the dash cam is larger, the dash cam uses 11kpa test pressure, and the radar tracker uses 16kpa test pressure, so that two different products can be tested for leakage within the same test time. The air tightness testing process is divided into three stages: inflation stage, pressure stabilization stage and testing stage. The test parameters of this product: inflation time 5S, voltage stabilization time 5S, test time 5S. The complete test cycle is 15s. For the customer's double station air tightness detector, it is equivalent to 15s, and can test two products. After setting the test parameters, the air source and power supply can be connected for air tightness test.


Figure: details of air tightness test

Characteristics of hermetic tester

1. Strong stability: the test equipment escorts the product quality of more than 1000 factories, and has been widely recognized by customers.

2. High precision: the test precision can reach 1pA, which is protected by international patent

3. Using the latest hi-os 2.0 system, friendly interface, simple operation, a number of user-friendly operation.

4. Using compressed air as testing medium, complete nondestructive testing.

5. The test process is fast, the test results are objective, and can automatically determine whether the product is OK or ng

6. It can connect the upper computer and scanner to realize intelligent test, and has the function of automatically exporting data.

Harris technology has tested various auto parts, such as car hub, car controller, new energy charging gun, new energy battery pack, car tire pressure detector, etc. if you are interested in the air tightness and waterproof grade test of auto parts, please contact Harris technology.

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