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Sealing test of high speed card_ Sealing test details sharing

I believe that every car owner who walks on the highway has such a square high-speed card. Although it is a small blue card, it is very troublesome to get on the highway without this high-speed card. The shape of the high-speed card is generally made of waterproof shell material, and there are fine components in it. It is usually necessary to consider its non-destructive when carrying out the sealing test, and the traditional sealing test can not meet its testing requirements.

In order to develop a better sealing detection scheme, Harris technology has made a lot of efforts. This time we will share a high-speed card sealing test case, hoping to help you.

(sealing tester for high speed card)

1、 Analysis of the difficulties in sealing test of high speed card

The shape of the high-speed card is relatively simple, with square appearance and waterproof shell, strong precision and no obvious butt joint gap. In this test, we need to overcome the detection difficulties brought by its shape, need to use molds for assistance, and also need to consider the nondestructive testing.

2、 Demonstration of sealing test process of high speed card

1. In the past, we have developed different detection schemes for products in different industries. Whether direct detection or indirect detection, we have played our own advantages in different products. For the detection of high-speed cards, we need to use molds for indirect detection;

(details of sealing test for high speed card)

2. The high-speed card has a high degree of precision, and no obvious interface can be directly detected; In order to achieve the flexibility of detection, the customized method is adopted. The mold is fixed in the tooling, and the upper and lower molds close it to form a closed space. At the beginning of detection, clean gas is filled into the mold, After reaching a certain air pressure value, the instrument can judge the sealing degree of the high-speed card according to the gas leakage in the mold.

(sealing inspection tooling for high speed card)

threeAdvantages of HC series sealing tester

1. High sensitivity pressure sensing and regulating unit, combined with advanced differential pressure software algorithm, the minimum resolution can reach 0.1pA, which has won the national patent

2. The patented technology of "IVT pneumatic sealing valve island" independently developed by Harris greatly improves the test accuracy, ensures the stability of the instrument, and greatly improves the inflation speed.

3. Multiple test functions: the instrument integrates two positive and negative pressure forms and eight test methods: two pressure forms and five test methods can be written into more than 20 test functions.

4. It has more than 200 groups of subroutines. Each group of subroutines can be programmed independently, selected and combined to meet various complex test requirements

5. Full touch large screen intelligent operating system, graphical UI design based on detection process, simple and clear operation interface, easy to teach and learn

6. A variety of pressure regulating components and ranges are available. Wide range of air pressure (- 80kPa & amp; mdash; 1MPa) optional. Multi group pressure sequence test can be realized by selecting electronic pressure regulating valve

7. Multiple communication interfaces: built in RS232 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface, LTP external I / O control port, supporting a variety of communication protocols

8. Bar code scanning function and printer can be purchased to facilitate product data management and quality traceability. Up to 200000 historical records of the instrument can be exported to the computer in batches

9. The standard volume identification function can automatically identify the volume of the sample to be tested, and measure and judge the leakage rate in the way of volume.

10. Ultra high stability, and ease of use, after a rigorous test of the market.

11. A variety of accessories are available, including inflatable bypass, quick connector and standard leak. At the same time, the instrument supports third-party calibration and can issue calibration report.

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