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The process of using air tightness detector to test the automobile controller

As for the air tightness test of new energy vehicle industry, we have involved in several cases previously shared, and the products in these fields need special air tightness treatment. The state has special level requirements for the testing of new energy vehicles, and different products have different testing methods. Hiris technology has also carried out in-depth research on the air tightness detection of new energy vehicle industry, and customized the equipment according to different detection requirements, which has made high achievements.


Air tightness detector of automobile controller

This time, we will analyze the air tightness test of automobile controller, hoping to help you.

1、 Air tightness detection and analysis of new energy vehicle controller

1. The sealing of vehicle control system needs to cooperate with the structure of battery box and sealing ring, and the whole sealing of vehicle controller needs to be realized through laser splicing, which belongs to structural sealing. In addition, it also uses sealing aids such as sealing rings or sealants to help form a more sealed structure.


Vehicle controller

2. In the process of air tightness test of automobile controller, it is necessary to carry out corresponding test under different working conditions. Choosing the corresponding tooling and mold, we need to pay attention to the calculation method, pressure and software algorithm, and accurately judge whether the air tightness of automobile controller has defects, so as to improve the production quality of new energy vehicles.

2、 Demonstration of air tightness testing process of automobile controller

The product tested is a semi-finished product of an automobile controller. Check whether the two parts inside the controller are sealed.

According to the requirements of customers, we use direct detection methods to detect them. During the test, the air is directly inflated into the product through the instrument, and this test is divided into three groups of procedures to complete the air tightness test of the product.

This test also uses the customized tooling, the use of sliding table design, more suitable for the production of automation equipment.



Details of air tightness test for vehicle controller

1. During the detection, the instrument will fill a certain volume of dry and impurity free gas into the cavity of the vehicle controller, then disconnect the compressed air supply, and keep the pressure stable for a period of time. After a given measurement time, the instrument can monitor the tiny change of the air pressure in the detection environment. The sensor will send this information to the detection system, and finally through a series of calculations, the leakage value of the gas can be obtained, and the air tightness of the vehicle controller can be detected according to the leakage value.


Process demonstration of air tightness detector for automobile controller

2. If the vehicle controller is not sealed, the phenomenon of air leakage occurs. At this time, the leakage value display data in the instrument becomes larger and larger, and the pressure value drops. At this time, it can be determined that the vehicle controller is leaking, and the instrument test results will also show ng, which means that the air tightness test does not pass. If the tested new energy vehicle battery does not leak, the gas in the tooling die will be in a constant state after inflation, the pressure value and leakage value displayed on the instrument are also stable, and the test result of the instrument will display the word OK, indicating that the air tightness test has passed.

3、 Air tightness test breakthrough of Harris technology in new energy vehicle industry


Process demonstration of air tightness detector for automobile controller

1. For the detection of new energy vehicle controller, the first thing is to pay attention to its safety and non-destructive. Because of their special components, the air tightness detection developed by Harris technology has the function of non-destructive, efficient, stable and precise detection;

2. This air tightness detector is specially customized for automation, which can support multi-channel air tightness detection. It integrates multiple groups of sensors, instruments, tooling and molds. It improves the detection efficiency and has professionalism in the degree of automation.

3. The airtightness tester of Harris technology is equipped with the world's top high sensitivity sensor and precise pressure control unit. In addition, Harris technology has applied the "IVT" pneumatic sealing technology to the instrument, which greatly improves the test accuracy. As the first company to draft the enterprise standard of waterproof leakage detector in China, the detector of Harris technology can be calibrated by the relevant national calibration center or measurement and testing center, which ensures the stability and quality of the instrument.

4、 Parameter table of air tightness tester for new energy vehicle controller


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