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Details of sealing test for control panel of water motor boat

The central control panel of water motor boat is a kind of intelligent electronic equipment. Due to the particularity of the instrument in application, people have higher requirements on its sealing performance. It is required not only to have high precision, but also to have a certain degree of waterproof. If its sealing degree is poor, it will not only affect its normal operation, but also cause operation failure when using the water motor, leading to dangerous situation.

Hiris technology has been doing a lot of research on the sealing test of electronic instruments, and it also involves the sealing test of the control panel of the water motor boat. This time, we will share the sealing test of the control panel of the water motor boat, hoping to give you a reference.


1、 The shape display of the control panel in the water motor boat

The precision of the device is high. The whole device is in the shape of regular quadrilateral. The front is the display interface and operation button, and the back is a connecting wire;


Center control panel of water motor boat

Because the head part of the equipment does not need to do waterproof test, it needs to make a groove to expose the wire from the mold.

2、 Demonstration of sealing test process of control panel in water motor boat

1. According to the special shape of the central control panel, Harris has specially customized a special mold. The whole mold is cast according to the overall shape of the central control panel. After the control box is put in, it is just clamped well, and the rear wire is placed on the groove before and after the mold, so that the upper and lower molds can be closed to form a closed space during testing;


Display of the details of the tooling and die for the sealing test of the central control panel


Display of details of sealing test for central control panel

2. Put the central control panel into the tooling die and connect it with our instrument. There is a valve island, gas tank and other parts inside the instrument and the program we set. After connecting, when testing the central control panel, press the start button. At this time, the upper and lower molds begin to close, and the clean gas without impurities is filled into the mold. The instrument display screen will judge the degree of tightness through the gas saturation inside the mold.


Airtightness tester for control panel of water motor boat

3. If the central control panel is not sealed and air leakage occurs, the leakage value in the instrument will display more and more data, and the pressure value will drop. At this time, it can determine whether the central control panel is leaking, and the instrument test results will also show ng, which means that the air tightness test fails. If there is no air leakage in the test central control panel, the gas in the tooling die will be in a constant state after inflation, the pressure value and leakage value displayed on the instrument are also stable, and the test result of the instrument will display "OK", indicating that the tightness test of the central control panel has passed.


Water motor boat control panel sealing test tooling

3、 Parameters of sealing tester for control panel of water motor boat


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