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Air tightness test and analysis of new energy vehicle industry

As for the air tightness test of new energy vehicle industry, we have been involved in several cases previously shared, whether it is new energy vehicle charging gun, vehicle controller, vehicle harness, new energy vehicle power pack... These products need special air tightness treatment. The national requirements for dust and water-proof are generally IP67 or IP68. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of people using new energy vehicles, every special part must pass the air tightness test.

Harris technology has also conducted in-depth research on the air tightness test of new energy vehicle industry, and has made good achievements. This time, we will analyze the past cases and the air tightness test of the automobile industry, hoping to help you.

(left 1: new energy battery pack, right 1: new energy vehicle harness, left 2: vehicle controller, right 2: vehicle tail lamp)

1、 Air tightness test and analysis of new energy vehicle industry

1. For the new energy vehicle industry, whether it is internal components or related auxiliary products, only when the air tightness reaches a better effect can it fully drive the use of new energy vehicles.

(example diagram of air tightness test for new energy vehicle wire rod)

(example diagram of air tightness test for new energy vehicle wire rod)

2. In the process of air tightness test, it is necessary to carry out corresponding test under different working conditions of new energy vehicles. For different working conditions of new energy vehicles, choosing the corresponding test, we need to pay attention to the calculation method, pressure, software algorithm calculation, and accurately judge whether the battery in the new energy vehicle system has defects, so as to improve the production quality of new energy vehicles.

(details of air tightness test for new energy vehicle charging gun)

(example of air tightness test in new energy vehicle industry)

3. Nowadays, there are a variety of air tightness testing methods for the industry, and different products have a set of applicable methods, but in summary, it is to judge whether their air tightness is qualified by judging their leakage value and air pressure condition; The air tightness test of new energy vehicle industry and the development of new energy vehicle industry complement each other and develop together. Only good equipment can develop for a long time.

2、 Air tightness test breakthrough of Harris technology in new energy vehicle industry

(air tightness tester integrated with tooling: multi channel air tightness tester with charging gun on the left and tire pressure on the right)

1. For the detection of new energy vehicle industry, the first thing is to pay attention to its safety and non-destructive. Because of their special components, the air tightness detection developed by Harris technology has the function of non-destructive, efficient, stable and precise detection;

2. Hermes technology has higher flexibility and adaptability in air tightness detection. When it carries out air tightness detection for new energy automobile industry, it can connect different tooling dies to carry out multi-channel simultaneous detection or adaptability detection. Whether it is direct detection or indirect detection, the results are accurate and the detection efficiency is high;

3. The airtightness tester of Harris technology is equipped with the world's top high sensitivity sensor and the precision pressure control unit of Fairchild. In addition, Harris technology has applied the "IVT" pneumatic sealing technology to the instrument, which greatly improves the test accuracy. As the first company to draft the enterprise standard of waterproof leakage detector in China, the detector of Harris technology can be calibrated by the relevant national calibration center or measurement and testing center, which ensures the stability and quality of the instrument.

4. The air tightness detector of Harris has high automation, short detection time and simple operation interface. The tester is also equipped with "positive and negative" pressure forms and 8 Basic test modes, which can be selected or combined. Using 24 bit a / D conversion, 32-bit CPU operation, and fully independent development of industrial control operating system, with full touch human-computer interface. Built in RS232 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface, LTP external I / O control port, support a variety of communication protocols, diversified self-service operation, artificial and intelligent combination, enhance the operability of the device.

3、 Parameter table of airtightness tester of Harris Technology

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