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Case study on air tightness test of automobile tail lamp

If the tail lamp is not sealed in place, there will be fog, water accumulation, slow reaction speed, poor ventilation effect and other lamp problems, resulting in the tail lamp can not be used normally, or even "lamp explosion". Therefore, we need to use professional light according to the standard of light leakageThe air tightness detector can find out the leakage position and improve the quality of the lamp. So what's a good way to detect the air tightness of car lights? Next, we will share our experience in this field.



The picture above shows the taillight to be tested by Harris. From the picture, we can see that the taillight is a long strip with screws fixed on it. The waterproof structure of the tail lamp is divided into two parts: one is structural waterproof, which uses the complicated structural design of the lamp to seal the lamp; the other is material waterproof, which uses glue pouring, waterproof membrane, sealing strip and other methods to seal. In view of the specific situation of the tail lamp, Harris technology decided to use indirect test method to test the air tightness of the tail lamp.

Because there is no inflation port for the tail lamp of the car, Harris technology needs to customize a special mold for it so as to conduct air tightness test. The mold is divided into upper mold and lower mold, which can provide a sealed testing environment for the sealing test after they are closed. It also plays a role in protecting the tail lamp and preventing the tail lamp from scratching. According to the regulations of automobile manufacturing industry, automobile lamp has the standard of maximum leakage. When producing automobile lamp, we need to use professional detection equipment to detect the air tightness of automobile lamp, find out the leakage gap, and provide the basis for the transformation of automobile lamp.




Detail display of airtightness of taillights tested by Harris Technology

Before start-up, set the test parameters and inflate the mold indirectly,Let the instrument fill a certain amount of gas into the mold, the gas in the mold will have a pressure stabilizing process, at this time, the periphery of the product will form a certain pressure, through the precision pressure sensor to monitor the pressure, and then after a series of calculations, we can get the gas leakage value, according to the leakage value to detect the air tightness and leakage of the tail lampIPWaterproof grade.


Hermetic tester for taillights

5、 Introduction to other functions

1.The sealing tester can support leakage test, blocking test, positive pressure test, negative pressure test and other leakage test methods. The test range is wide, and users can choose according to their own test needs.

twoLarge size touch screen is used as the human-machine interface, which can easily monitor the test results and set various parameters in the process of waterproof test.

3.It has the alarm function of qualified and unqualified products, which can eliminate the possibility of manual misjudgment and misinspection.

4.belt4Circuit switch input and output8It can accept the control of external sensors and switch buttons, and can control the external relay, solenoid valve and other executive components, so as to realize the full automation of the test conveniently.

fiveWaterproof tester has200By setting the parameters of the subprogram on the touch screen, the user can connect different subprograms in series to form a test processI/OThe interface enables the leakage meter to receive control signals from external sensors and control external actuators (relays, solenoid valves, etc.). So as to realize the automation of the test process.

6.With test data recording function, test data can be downloaded toUDisk, and through the computer display.

7.With barcode scanning function, it can track and record defective products and repair situation; The function of upper computer.


Display of test page of hiris technology automobile tail lamp sealing tester

In terms of lamp sealing detection, the detection technology and scheme of Harris technology has been very mature and has a good reputation in the industry. The air tightness detector is not only suitable for automobile tail lamp, but also for roof lamp, license plate lamp, door lamp, headlamp, front fog lamp, driving lamp, reversing lamp, parking lamp, steering lamp, reading lamp, engine compartment lamp, trunk lamp, glove box lamp, instrument lamp, brake lamp, position lamp, rear fog lamp, etc.

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