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Sealing test case of electric vehicle hub

The wheel hub of electric vehicle is generally made of aluminum, and sand holes may appear in the casting process of aluminum, which is difficult to distinguish with naked eyes. If notAir tightness testThe wheel hub performance of electric vehicles will not guarantee driving safety. Therefore, the air tightness of the wheel hub is an important index to measure the performance of the wheel hub. For this reason, Harris technology has developed an electric vehicle wheel hub air tightness detector, which has become the air tightness detection assistant of various electric vehicle wheel hub manufacturers.

Display of electric vehicle hub air tightness tester

Display of electric vehicle hub air tightness tester

Hyris electric vehicle hub air tightness tester has "positive and negative" two pressure forms, eight basic test modes, more than 200 groups of subroutines, which can be selected or combined to enhance the operability of the equipment. By using 24 bit a / D conversion, 32-bit CPU operation and full touch human-computer interface, automatic detection is realized, manpower is saved, and the efficiency of electric vehicle hub air tightness detection is improved.

Operation interface display of electric vehicle hub air tightness tester

In addition, this airtightness testing equipment can also be used for airtightness testing of other auto parts, such as new energy charging gun, battery pack, battery box, motor, water-cooled radiator, car camera, etc. it can be used only by assembling the corresponding test fixture of the testing product, which is very suitable for comprehensive airtightness testing in the production line.

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