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Sealing test equipment for waterproof test and leakage detector of automobile charging gun socket

With the development of new energy, the popularity of charging gun socket will be a trend, and the failure of charging gun socket is caused by not waterproof, so the waterproof performance of charging gun socket is very important. How to guarantee

The waterproof test grade of charging gun socket is ipx7. The waterproof test function and pressure drop mode of air tightness tester are widely used in the industry.

Principle of pressure drop waterproof test: use gas to simulate the use environment of charging pile, use air tightness detector to flush or vacuum the charging gun socket, and then after voltage stabilization and testing, the sensor will feel the change of air pressure

If there is a pressure drop, there will be leakage, and the air tightness test equipment will automatically calculate the rate of pressure drop, that is, the leakage rate, so as to determine the waterproof performance of the charging pile and whether it reaches the corresponding IPX waterproof level, such as

Ipx8 waterproof test grade.

How to do the waterproof test of charging gun socket well, we must first understand the waterproof structure of charging gun socket.

Using waterproof charging gun socket in key parts, this kind of core parts is relatively small, and there is no inflation port, so we need to make a shape proof and sealed tooling, and then put the parts into the tooling, and the air tightness detector inflates or pumps the tooling

Vacuum, so as to realize the waterproof test and sealing test of charging pile.

If the overall waterproof, then the volume of the charging head is relatively large, this type of charging gun socket waterproof test, generally use direct inflation test, or vacuum test, charging gun socket IPX waterproof test level, sealing performance test

Measurement. It needs to open an inflation port for the charging gun socket in advance, so as to save the cost of waterproof detection and sealing detection of the charging gun socket.

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