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Waterproof test case of airtightness tester ipx8 for air conditioner controller

As the core part of the product, the controller is not waterproof, which causes many problems. Because of the waterproof test of the controller, the air tightness leak detection of the controller has become the key quality requirement of the controller. Ipx7 waterproof test is generally used

Some of them adopt IP waterproof test level.

Do the ipx8 waterproof test of the controller. At present, the pressure drop method of the more popular air tightness detector is used for ipx8 waterproof test.

Ipx8 waterproof test is an international standard: it means to completely prevent the invasion of foreign objects and dust, sink indefinitely under the specified water pressure, and ensure no damage caused by immersion. Because the ipx8 waterproof test level is relatively advanced, the water soaking method is suitable

It is difficult to achieve, also can not carry out batch waterproof test, sealing test. At present, the more scientific method is to use the air tightness detector to test the waterproof of ipx8 controller.

How to use airtight leak detector to test and identify ipx8 waterproof controller

First of all, let's understand the structure of the controller: if there is an air filling port, the air leakage rate of the controller can be tested by directly using the air tightness leakage detection equipment, so as to determine whether the controller reaches the original IPX waterproof level, so as to

Realize the waterproof test of ipx8 controller. Thirdly, if the controller does not have an inflation port, it needs to make a sealed detection tool, and then put the controller on the tool. The air tightness test equipment flushes the sealing tooling and uses the gas simulation control

If the sealing performance of the controller is not good, the air will leak into the controller, so as to test the air leakage rate of the controller, and determine whether the controller reaches the original IPX waterproof level, so as to realize the ipx8 waterproof test of the controller

This air tightness test method is also suitable for mobile phone waterproof test, camera waterproof test, cavity air tightness leak detection equipment, charging pile waterproof test, charging gun waterproof test and other products

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