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The airtight waterproof detector of Harris makes portable explosion-proof searchlight manufacturers have no difficult waterproof detection

Portable explosion-proof searchlight as one of the important auxiliary lighting tools, whether in daily life or in the industrial field, it is widely used, especially with the application of searchlight in fire protection, emergency rescue, oil exploration, electric power repair, coal mine operation, crude oil processingAnd other industries after the widespread use.

Products to be tested:Portable explosion proof searchlight

For the searchlights used in different fields, their performance requirements are different. There are certain differences in the performance of different types of searchlights sold in the market. It is in order to adapt to the diversified market demand that there are diversified designs.

Portable explosion proof searchlightWaterproof inspection mould

If it is for the portable explosion-proof searchlights used by some disaster relief teams, it is necessary to choosewaterproofBetter performance, which is related to the portable explosion-proof searchlightThe waterproof design of the system is adoptedThe waterproof performance of searchlights made of different shell materials is different.The searchlight with bad use environment needs good waterproof performance, so as to ensure that it can be used in any environment.

Portable explosion proof searchlightAir tightness waterproof detector

According to the needs of customers, we need toPortable explosion proof searchlightconductIP68Waterproof gradeThe following equipment and solutions are used in the test:

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series air tightness and waterproof tester

Solution: adopt the direct test method, design the sealing mold according to the shape structure of portable explosion-proof searchlight, install the mold on the tooling according to the requirements, put the searchlight into the mold, press the start button, press the upper mold down to test the sealing searchlight, and the instrument enters the test procedure to inflate, stabilize and test the searchlight, The instrument detects the leakage of the searchlight by monitoring the change of air pressure, and automatically judges the test results according to the set parametersOK/NG.

Effect: easy to operate, accurate and stable test.

Using HarrisHCClassic series air tightness and waterproof testertestingPortable explosion proof searchlightIt can effectively extend the service lifeService life of lampsAnd the detection efficiency is much higher than the traditional detection methods.

HarrisHCClassic series air tightness and waterproof tester

10Over the years, Harris has always provided customers with free product testing solutions, and with its increasingly rich experience, it has provided customers with valuable sealing opinions, supporting key materials or testing resources in the stages of design, trial production and mass production, so as to shorten the verification cycle and avoid detours, and has gained excellent reputation in all walks of life.

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