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Case analysis of ABL outdoor wall lamp sealing waterproof detection method

ABL outdoor wall lamp is usually installed on the outdoor wall, and some products can be installed on the outdoor lamp column wall. Compared with the indoor wall lamp, the outdoor wall lamp has better waterproof performance and more closed structure, so as to eliminate the erosion of outdoor rainwater to lamps and lanterns, and prolong the service life of lamps. Outdoor wall lamp generally has the following advantages: novel design, elegant and unique, soft lighting, generous and practical, convenient installation and strong decoration. For urban green lighting, creating high-quality civilized residential area and improving the lighting culture of living environment, outdoor wall lamp is undoubtedly an indispensable ideal lamp.

The wall lamp installed outdoors must be waterproof. If the outdoor wall lamp does not have waterproof performance, in rainy weather, the wall lamp will be easy to water, causing damage to the internal circuit of the wall lamp. Therefore, for outdoor wall lamps, manufacturers need to carry out IP67 waterproof test (or called IP67) before leaving the factorySealing test

ABL wall lamp waterproof testing equipment - Shenzhen Hailisi


For the outdoor wall lamp, the waterproof level generally needs to reach IP67 or IP68. This follow-up wall lamp customer requirements, the product needs to reach the waterproof level is IP67 standard. IP67 means that if the product is placed at a depth of 1 meter underwater and soaked for 30 minutes, water will not enter the product. For IP67 grade products, we generally use the pressure of 10KPA for testing.

ABL wall lamp need to do waterproof test


The product in the figure above is the wall lamp that we want to test the sealing performance. The appearance of the wall lamp is an iron shell. There are some small holes on the top of the wall lamp. Customers need to test the overall waterproof performance of the wall lamp. We can inflate the product through the hole on the wall lamp to achieve the purpose of direct test.

In general, the test method of hermetic tester can be divided into direct test and indirect test. For the test products with inflation port or semi-finished products, we generally use the direct inflation method for testing. For the products and finished products without inflation port, we generally use the indirect detection method for testing. The so-called indirect detection is to design the mold to package the products, and then quantitatively inflate the product surface through the mold to cut off the gas source, The pressure sensor inside the instrument is used to monitor the pressure change of the product after inflation.

If the air pressure charged into the product drops quickly, it indicates that there is a big leak in the product. If the air pressure charged into the product is relatively stable, it indicates that the product has good sealing performance. The range of the maximum air pressure leakage of the product is qualified, which needs us to judge according to experiments for many times. We set the maximum allowable leakage to the test system of the air tightness tester. In the test process, once the leakage value of the product exceeds the maximum value we set, the tester will judge the product is unqualified.

Below is a wall lampAir tightness testing equipmentDetails of the project.

ABL wall lamp air tightness testing mold - Shenzhen Hailisi


For the waterproof detection of lamps and lanterns, Harris has done many cases, including ordinary lightingLED lamp, wall lamp, underwater photography lamp, wall washing lamp, and so on. For the waterproof detection of lamps, we have many cases for your reference. If your lamps need waterproof detection, please call Shenzhen Harris technology for detailed consultation

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