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Demonstration of waterproof test method for outdoor security camera

As an outdoor monitoring electronic product, outdoor security camera often suffers from the weather of wind, frost, rain and snow. If the outdoor security camera does not have the waterproof function, it is not only easy to cause circuit failure, but also easy to make the camera lens into the water vapor, affecting its camera effect. Therefore, the sealing performance and waterproof ability of the instrument are very important to ensure the safe operation and service life of the instrument. Hiris Technology specializes in waterproof testing equipment for 11 years, and has tested various waterproof cameras. Today we share with you the test method of IP67 waterproof grade for outdoor security cameras.

Picture:Waterproof test equipment for Outdoor Camera

Air tightness test method of outdoor security camera

From the appearance of the product, we can see that the product is large and irregular, and there is no air filling hole in the product. We need to make a mold according to the appearance of the product, and judge the tightness of the camera in the mold by detecting the air pressure change inside the mold. This method of testing the sealing performance of the product by filling the mold is called indirect test. If the test product has a filling hole, it can be directly filled into the product for testing. This kind of direct inflation method is direct test. Two pressure forms of positive and negative pressure and eight basic judgment methods are included in Harris air tightness tester, which can be combined into more than 20 test functions to easily cope with various working conditions and meet your various air tightness detection requirements.

Photo: details of camera waterproof detector

Test parameters of outdoor security camera

According to the customer's requirements, the waterproof grade to be tested by the customer is IP67, the test pressure is 12kpa, the leakage value is not more than 0.5kpa, and the air intake time is 30s. Because the customer's product is relatively large and the mold is relatively large, the inflation time should be appropriately extended. The voltage stabilization time is 10s, and the test time is 5S. The complete test time of a camera is 45s. It can be seen from the product that the product is very large. If you directly make the down pressing mold, the tooling will be very high, and it is not convenient for the operator to take and place the product. According to the characteristics of the product, hiris engineers set the push-pull tooling for the product. It is very convenient for the operator to take and place it. Hiris technology has been adhering to the one-stop to solve the problem of sealing test for customers and improve every detail of sealing test.

Photo: Outdoor Camera in mold
Features of hermetic tester
1. Strong stability: the test equipment has guaranteed the product quality of more than 2000 customers, and has been appreciated by customers;
2. High precision: the test precision is 1pA, which has obtained international patent
3. The latest hi-os2.0 system is adopted. Complete functions, simple operation, a number of user-friendly operation
4. Using compressed air as the testing medium, complete non-destructive testing;
5. Test speed is fast, but the results are intuitive, automatically determine the product OK, ng
6. It can connect the upper computer and scanner to realize intelligent test, and has the function of automatically exporting data;
Hyris customers have done air tightness testing for a number of cameras, including outdoor installation cameras, vehicle cameras, underwater mirrors, etc. they have technical questions or want to know more about the camera testing scheme. Please contact the online customer service of Harris technology, or call 0755-33582826.
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