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Test example of charging base of electric toothbrush for airtight and waterproof test

Electric toothbrush is a new product in recent years, which has set off a revolution in the field of oral health care abroad. Although the application of electric toothbrush is not very popular in China, the efficient cleaning effect of electric toothbrush has been affirmed by the majority of consumers.

Product to be tested: electric toothbrush charging base

As the electric toothbrush needs frequent contact with water, the charging base of the electric toothbrush is often short circuited or damaged due to water, which brings inconvenience to the use of the electric toothbrush, and electric shock and other accidents may occur during charging.So the waterproof of electric toothbrush charging base is very necessary.

Waterproof inspection fixture for electric toothbrush charging base

In order to prevent water from entering from the outside and damaging the charging base, the current method is to fill the charging base with waterproof glue and wrap the charging base in the glue so that the water can not contact with the charging base.The base of this structure has a large amount of glue and high cost, and the waterproof glue may form pores, so the waterproof effect is not guaranteed. In the repair of the product due to failure, the electronic components such as the electronic board and loop wire immersed in the glue can not be used again, which is not conducive to cost saving.Today, Harris technology introduces a water-proof and cost-effective device for electric toothbrush charging base. Let's have a look.

HarrisHCClassic series of air tightness test equipmenttechnical parameter

In this case, the customer asked forElectric toothbrush chargingSeat up toIP68Waterproof gradeThe following equipment and testing scheme are used by Harris:

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series of air tightness test equipment

Detection scheme: direct test method, according to the structure of the controller custom mold, used to seal around the charging base, mold design vent, customers can choose direct test or indirect test. Test parameters used: test pressure30KPAInflation time5SVoltage stabilization time:10STest time:5S, leakage value:0.05KPABy monitoring the change of air pressure to test the leakage of the product, the charging system will automatically determine that the leakage value exceeds the upper limit of the leakage value or fails to reach the test pressureNGFor qualified products, it will be automatically set upOK

In this method, the air pressure is detected to prevent air pollutionElectric toothbrushchargeSeatDamp damage can effectively protect the use safety of charging base body

HarrisHCClassic series of air tightness test equipment

Based on the R & D, production and sales of air tight leak detector and air tight leak detection system, Harris technology provides one-stop air tight leak detection solutions.With its high precision and stability, Hermes air tightness detector has been used for more than 10 yearstwo thousandThis equipment is used in thousands of factories. Our products serve many companies in China, and are also exported to overseas50Many countries have achieved excellent reputation in all walks of life.

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