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Test example of airtight and waterproof aviation plug of Harris

Aviation plug, also known as plug socket, is widely used in various electrical circuits and plays the role of connecting or disconnecting circuits. To improve the reliability of aviation plug is the responsibility of the manufacturer. However, due to the wide variety and wide application of aviation plugs, the,ensureAviation plugThe waterproof performance of waterIt is also an important aspect to improve the reliability of aviation plug.

Test part: airtightness of copper pin of aviation plug

Aviation plug is a kind of mechanical and electrical component connecting electrical circuit.However,A good oneAviation plugnot onlyConnect the electrical wiringSo simple, inOutdoor is affected by the external environmentLike rainIt also needs to be waterproof. Aviation plug without waterproof functionIt is more likely that external water will enterCopper needleThus, the transmission of power signal is affected, and the service life of aviation plug line is also affected.

Waterproof inspection fixture for aviation plug

Here's what hiris technology is forAviation plugDo waterproof detection case, according to the requirements of customers, need to checkAviation plugdoIP68Waterproof gradeThe following is the testing equipment and testing scheme:

Equipment used: airtight and waterproof testing equipment of classic series of Harris

Detection scheme: direct test method: according to the structure of aviation plug, customize the mold, put the plug into the mold, press the tooling double start button, and the mold will be pressed down to form up and down sealing, so as to seal the upper and lower cavities of the plug. The instrument will inflate, stabilize and test the plug, and determine the change of air pressure in the product cavity after the set time (leakage value: 0& le;005KPA)Whether the product has leakage. Test pressure100KPAInflation time5S, voltage stabilization time10STest time5S

Technical parameters of airtight waterproof testing equipment of classic series of Harris

fromIn the articleAs you can see,Aviation plugIs a very small precision mobile phone parts, this timeAviation plugWhat is the choice of air tightness test schemeAirtight and waterproof testing equipment of classic series of Harristesting,sureSimultaneous testing2The tightness of a product,The customer is very satisfied with the effect of this scheme,stayWhile improving the detection efficiency, it also greatly reduces the cost of labor and testing equipment.

Airtight and waterproof testing equipment of classic series of Harris

The waterproof testing equipment is HarrisClassic series of airtight waterproof testing equipment, withHigh sensitivity pressure sensing and regulating unit, with advanced differential pressure software algorithm, the minimum resolution can reach0.1PaThe algorithm has obtained the national patent.utilizeThe patented technology independently developed by Harris,"IVTPneumatic seal valve island"And greatly improve the test accuracyTo ensure the stability of the instrument, the inflation speed has been greatly improved. Ultra high stability and ease of use, through the market rigorous test, has obtained the customer's consistent high praise!

Airtight and waterproof testing equipment of classic series of Harris

For ten years, hiris technology has been on the way of precipitation and accumulation, creation and innovation of air tightness and waterproof detection technology. In the past ten years, hiris has achieved more than 10 yearseight hundredOur partners have provided intimate services for many yearstwo thousandMore than 10 sets of equipment are protecting the air tightness and waterproof function of customers' products.

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