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Test example of ear mounted Bluetooth headset for airtightness and waterproof test of Harris

When it comes to sports Bluetooth headset, the first feature we consider is probably firmness?! Only by ensuring that the Bluetooth headset can stay firmly in our ears and not fall down, can we do exercise wholeheartedly without distraction. As a result, many people are considering buying ear mounted Bluetooth headsets

Products to be tested:Ear mounted Bluetooth headset

There are many kinds of sports Bluetooth earphonesThe reason for these models and different styles of Bluetooth sports headphonesThe reason is that more and more people pay attention to healthy lifeAnd exercise is undoubtedly the best way to keep fitIn the process of sports, music accompaniment can achieve twice the result with half the effortThis makes the sports Bluetooth headset, which will not be restricted by the cumbersome headset cable, the first choice of the publicThe hanging ear Bluetooth headset usually adds auxiliary hanging decoration on the side of the headset for convenient use. It can effectively prevent the headset from falling. Most of the earphones have the functions of waterproof, sweat proof, noise reduction and so on. It is suitable for people who love fitness or often run.

Ear mounted Bluetooth headsetWaterproof inspection fixture

According to customer requirementsEar mounted Bluetooth headsetNeed to achieveIP67Waterproof gradeThe following equipment and testing methods have been adopted for the company:

Test parameters of intelligent sealing test system

Equipment used: HarrisHPDevelopment of a series of double channel air tightness and waterproof testing equipment

Test method: indirect test method, test pressure18KPAIntake time5Second, voltage stabilization time5Second, test time5Second, leakage value0.02KPA

Hyris dual channel air tightness and waterproof testing equipment can test two earphones at the same time,Make the detection faster,It can also accurately detect the leakage value of the product.The detection method has the advantages of high accuracySimple operation, high precision and high speedThe customer was very satisfied.

HarrisHPDevelopment of a series of double channel air tightness and waterproof testing equipment

HarrisbyCustomers have done a number of earphone air tightness testing equipment, mainly including wired earphone, Bluetooth earphone, real wireless earphone, etc. if you need waterproof testing equipment, or have any technical problems to consult, please call Harris technology.

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