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Bluetooth headset battery warehouse waterproof detection, don't be wrong!

along with3.5mmMore and more Bluetooth wireless headsets have appeared because of the disappearance of Bluetooth headset jack in mobile phones. Many people regard Bluetooth headset as an indispensable digital device in their daily life and workOfGenerally, the design belt will have aBatteryIt can store and charge the earphone。 Sports enthusiasts love to use wireless Bluetooth headsets when theyWhile listening to music and swimming,You need itBluetooth headset waterproof

Product to be tested: Bluetooth headset battery compartment

The general wireless Bluetooth headset is waterproof, it should be noted that the waterproof of the battery compartment is still not done in place by many manufacturers. In rainy days, it is necessary to avoid the battery bin being wet by rain, or when washing clothes, remember to take out the battery bin of earphone, otherwise the water is easy to short circuit and cause damage.

Waterproof inspection fixture for Bluetooth headset battery compartment

As an electronic product, the sealing performance of earphone battery compartment is closely related to the quality of the product. Therefore, manufacturers of Bluetooth earphone need to test the air tightness and waterproof of earphone battery compartment with air tightness and waterproof testing equipment before leaving the factory. This customer request for Bluetooth headset battery warehouse to doIP67Waterproof gradeThe following equipment and methods are used for testing:

Bluetooth headset battery compartment air tightness and waterproof detection equipment

Equipment used: HarrisHC Classic series of instruments

Detection method: indirect test method is adopted to make a profiling mold according to the shape of the battery bin, put the battery bin in the mold, and indirectly test whether the product in the mold leaks by inflating the mold.

The battery compartment is used to charge the earphone. It is necessary to test the tightness of the junction of the compartment and the charging interface. The test pressure used is10.5KPAInflation time3Sholding time 5S, test time5S

Bluetooth headset battery compartment sealing test equipment

waterprooftestingEquipment has different types and different specifications, choose the right waterprooftestingThe equipment not only plays a great role in improving the waterproof performance of products, but also reduces the test cost and improves the test efficiency.Harris TechnologyIt's not just satisfyingThe customer is righthisOfAir tightness test,The efficiency, accuracy and reliability of air tightness test are also improved.

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