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Water proof test case sharing of tooth washer

With the improvement of the quality of life, oral cleaning, tooth cleaning has become an indispensable tool in life. Generally speaking, toothpicks or floss are used to clean teeth, but they can't reach the depth of the teeth. Therefore, floss or floss is not very clean. Therefore, more and more users use tooth washers and electric toothbrushes to clean the mouth.

需要做Air tightness test的洗牙器-深圳Harris科技

This time, HarrisAir tightness testOur product is a kind of oral cleaning products: "tooth washer", also known as "tooth washer". Like electric toothbrush, tooth washer has very strict waterproof requirements. Manufacturers will use Hermes air tightness tester to conduct strict waterproof test on its waterproof performance, which must reach IP67 waterproof level. Through the indirect way, compressed air is used as the detection medium to exert pressure on the inner cavity of the tooth washer, and then the qualification of the tooth washer after waterproof detection is determined by the change of the sensor pressure data. This test method has the advantage of not damaging the product appearance and internal precision parts.


海瑞思Air tightness detectorThe way to test the water resistance of the tooth washer: put the tooth washer into the customized tooling mold, inflate and stabilize the mold for 5 seconds through the instrument, and according to the leakage value calculated by the pressure sensor, check whether the test result meets the water resistance level test of IP67.


12 years of Harris Technology气密性检测R & D experience, in the field of medical supplies, electronic products and other fields of air tightness testing is a very mature enterprise, has served more than 2500 enterprises, is the choice of many manufacturers air tightness testing brand【 This article is edited and published by Harris( )Please indicate the source for reprint]

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