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Air tightness test scheme and waterproof test method sharing of cooling fan controller

By June, the summer has come, and less than half an hour in the daytime, the fan has become a necessity; What is a cold fan? It's an electric fan that can blow out cold air. You need to add water and ice to the fan to blow out the cold air; Compared with the traditional vertical fan, the effect is better.

1、 What is the relationship between cooling fan and controller? Why do you do air tightness test?

The controller refers to the main command device that changes the wiring of the main circuit or control circuit and changes the resistance value in the circuit according to the predetermined sequence to control the start, speed regulation, braking and reverse of the motor. Then the start or pause of the cooling fan needs to be realized by the controller; When the cooling fan in use for a period of time, the internal components rust or short circuit, then the first thought is whether the air tightness test of the cooling fan controller is qualified? If the sealing of the cold fan controller is not good and it works in the cold air and water vapor, water vapor will enter the controller, which will directly damage the controller and affect the normal operation of the fan. In this paper, Harris technology introduces the cold fan controllerAir tightness testIt's the best way.

Figure: air tightness test instrument + tooling of cooling fan controller

2、 Detection principle of cooling fan and controller:

Based on the principle of pressure decreasing method, air is used as the medium to detect the product, which can detect the small leakage in a short time. According to the shape of the cooling fan controller, Harris technology makes a sealed mold. The conventional controller has a high degree of precision. After the mold is closed up and down, the air tightness of the product can be judged by the change of air pressure inside the mold.

Figure: cold fan controller waterproof tester tooling + test details

Hiris technology has been committed to the development and production of air tightness detector, and has done a lot of air tightness and waterproof grade test experiments of cooling fan controller, and accumulated rich technical experience. It is detected by the method of pressure decreasing; Through the gas attenuation method, pressure drop way to detect whether water leakage.

Figure: cooling fan controller test details

The waterproof detection steps of the cooling fan controller are as follows:

Whether it is IP66 waterproof test, IP67 waterproof test, or higher waterproof test, the steps are similar, but the parameter settings are different;

1、 Because the product to be tested does not have any air filling holes, Harris technology makes a set of sealing die according to the shape characteristics of the cold fan controller;

2、 According to customer requirements, set parameters, such as inflation time, inflation pressure, test time, test pressure and so on.

According to the requirements of customers, the test waterproof grade is IP67. The test pressure is 12kpa, the intake time is 4S, the pressure stabilization time is 4S, the test time is 5S, and the upper limit of leakage is 0.05kpa

4、 Place the cooling fan controller in the closed tooling, start the air tightness detector to test, and find out the maximum allowable leakage value (within the allowable range) of the cooling fan controller

5、 If there are no other problems, batch air tightness test of cooling fan controller can be carried out.

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