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How to test the air tightness of charger? Charger waterproof test case sharing

Charger has been applied to all kinds of products in all walks of life, so the safety of all kinds of products is also crucial. This is related to a more important issue, the tightness of the charger. Today, Hercules technology simply introduces the development of charger to the industryAir tightness testHow it works. Here's the charger防水检测Examples are given to share the testing principle and method of charger IP67 waterproof test.

First of all, let's briefly introduce the structure of the charger. Charger is a static converter which is composed of power electronic semiconductor devices and transforms alternating current with constant voltage and frequency into direct current. If the charger shell once water, it may cause transformer short circuit, light damage to the normal use of the charger, serious may cause fire hazards. So it is very important for each manufacturer to do the air tightness test of charger well.

Figure: case diagram of charger tested by Harris

HC classic series of Harris TechnologyAir tightness testWith its own high precision and stability, more than 2000 sets of equipment have been deployed in more than 800 customer factories. The function and performance of the instrument can meet the needs of the vast majority of customers, but also take into account the cost performance. This instrument is very suitable for testing the air tightness of charger. Meanwhile, HarrisAir tightness testThe testing method is a kind of non-destructive testing instrument, and its testing medium is compressed air, which will not cause any damage to the product. If the detection medium is water, it is easy to cause secondary damage to the defective products, and some products will be directly scrapped in case of water. This kind of traditional water detection method directly increases the production cost of the product, so the development of Harris technology气密性检测Method has become the best choice for manufacturers.

Figure: air tightness test instrument of charger

Figure: air tightness test instrument interface of charger

Next, we will introduce the test steps of IP67 waterproof grade of charger

1. There is no charging hole in the charger of the tested product, so there is no way to use the direct charging detection method. Need to make a suitable mold and tooling according to the shape of the product. Because there are two lines at both ends of the customer's product, we need to make two trunking to leak out the wire.

Figure: details of air tightness test process of charger

2. The waterproof grade to be tested by the customer is IP67, and the inflation pressure of IP67 is 10.5kpa. According to the product of the customer, the air intake time is 5 seconds, the test time is 5 seconds, and the pressure stabilization time is 2 seconds. The test time of the whole product is 12 seconds.

If the output of later customers increases, we can also customize multi-channel air tightness test equipment for customers according to the output of customers.

3. Put the test product into the mold to start testing, and the system will automatically identify the good and bad products. Defective products can be tested again after secondary processing.

4. Harris气密性检测The instrument system is a self-developed intelligent analysis and control system hi-os 2.0. It has powerful function and stable test, and has been recognized by thousands of customers.

The main functions of hi-os 2.0 are as follows:


Powerful 32-bit processor and 24 bit a / D converter, plus the patented "intelligent differential pressure" algorithm, the test accuracy is equivalent to that of differential pressure type. Compared with the differential pressure type, the leakage range is larger, which is basically equal to the test range.

AI algorithm

The automatic learning function can identify the characteristic information of the sample to be tested, analyze the effective data of the sample information, automatically judge and identify the leakage critical point, and obtain the optimal process time parameters through the analysis of the critical value, which greatly improves the difficulty of the first contact with the instrument.

Powerful test function

The system comes with two pressure forms and eight basic judgment methods, which can be combined into more than 20 test functions to easily cope with various working conditions and meet your various requirements!

Stable, reliable and efficient

Built in self-developed patented technology, "IVT" pneumatic sealing valve island; At the same time, the big leak has been detected in the inflation stage, which saves the whole test time.

The test process is simple and universal

No standard parts, no need to do two sets of fixture, no need to compare with the standard parts, eliminate the deformation error of standard parts after multiple tests.

More scalable

Modular design, according to the requirements of a host control multi-channel full function valve island composed of the executive module. Realize full function multi-channel test including positive and negative pressure and indirect test.

The above is Hercules technology on the charger气密性检测If you want to know more about the waterproof test of charger / IP67 waterproof test, you can directly consult our official website customer service or call our online phone.

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