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Examples of using air tightness tester to test sound

With the progress of society, the sound system has been constantly improved and perfected to meet the needs of people's needs, ranging from the demand for live sound reinforcement of tens of thousands of people's concerts to the demand for individual families to play musical instruments and karaoke songs. As a broadcasting equipment, the air tightness of audio is very high. The purpose of this training is to strengthen the use of equipment and management of customers, reduce the operation errors of air tightness tester, and deepen the familiarity of operators with the equipment. The following is the training on-site display of the hiris technology.

1、 Analysis on the difficulties of sound appearance display and detection

In order to let customers understand the detection process and principle in more detail, hiris training personnel conducted in-depth analysis on the shape of this audio

1. The sound is small and irregular, with several concave closed outlets. In the middle of the sound is a concave sound film. The sound film is in direct contact with the internal electronic devices, and the outer part is wrapped with black waterproof shell material;

2. The special structure of the sound makes it difficult to test its sealing performance. In the early design and production process of the motor, its shell will be treated with special treatment. Moreover, the sound has many closed sound holes, so it is impossible to use the mold to test it completely;

2、 Breakthrough of difficult points in air tightness test of sound system

1. The trainer of Harris explained the principle of the air tightness test for the sound to the customers. For the special shape of the sound, Harris technology has a customized fixture for the sound. Because there is a concave sound film in the middle of the sound film, and there are many small openings in the middle of the sound film, we can first put the side with the sound film upward into the mold, When detecting, the upper apparatus will move downward and be fixed above the sound film;

2. When the instrument starts up, the instrument will inflate into the sound through the upper appliance, and the air pressure of the instrument will rise slowly. When the air pressure is charged to the set value, the interior of the sound will be in a constant state. At this time, the sensor will determine the flow value to detect whether the flow of the echo tube meets the standard.

3、 Analysis of on-site operation training of sound tightness detector

1. At the beginning of the test, the training staff of Harris explained the use of the sound air tightness testing equipment, so that customers can correctly use and carefully maintain the sound air tightness tester, so as to achieve the best use effect. In this link, we require the customer staff to operate the computer, experience and be familiar with the operation process.

2. At last, Harris technology explained the maintenance work of the air tightness detector for customers, including the cleaning, lubrication, inspection, monitoring, adjustment, fastening and arrangement of the equipment.

4、 Parameter table of sound air tightness tester

The training service of Harris technology has been highly recognized by customers. After personnel training, it can realize fast operation of equipment, reduce the training cycle of personnel, and speed up the investment of sound tightness detector in production line testing.

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