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Testing scheme of hermetic tester for thermos cap

Harris TechnologyDetection scheme of thermos cap sealing tester

In the production of thermosThe sealing property of the bottle cap is required to be high, because the part is in the right positionAround the bottleneck,If the seal of the bottle cap is not good, it will aggravate the heat conduction, which will not only reduce the heat preservation effect, but also cause water leakage. Therefore, the manufacturer takes the seal test of the bottle cap as a necessary inspection link in production. Therefore, Hercules technology has developed a thermos cap sealing tester according to the customer's testing requirements.


Hermes technology thermos cap sealing tester products (photo)

Hermes technology this cap sealing tester uses compressed air as the detection medium, pressure drop test method for sealing test. It can be divided into three types, and the equipment can be testedPressure rangestay-40-1400KPAIt completely meets the detection range of thermos cap.


Parameters of hermetic tester for thermos cap

This tester makes special tooling for the object to be tested,In the testbottle capPut in toolingIn the middle,The air tightness tester inflates, stabilizes and tests the tooling。 Pass againThe independent development of Harris\“IVT"Automatic detection of pneumatic sealing technology"Calculate outThermos capWe can judge the leakage according to the air leakagebottle capSealing performance, so as to achievebottle capThe purpose of the seal test.


Die details display of hermetic tester for thermos cap

In addition, this cap sealing tester of Harris TechnologyIt has rich experienceFunctions, including pre-test settings, program parameters, system parameters, history and barcode scanning, remote control, user login, factory mode.Equipped with "positive and negative" pressure forms, and8There are three basic test modes, which can be selected or combined. It can support leakage test, blocking test, positive pressure test, negative pressure test and other seal test methods. applicationtwenty-fourpositionA/Dtransformation,32positionCPUOperation, and fully independent development of industrial control operating system, with full touch human-computer interface. built-inRS232Serial portRJ45Network portUSBCommunication interfaceLTPexternalI/OThe control port supports a variety of communication protocols, enhances the operability of the equipment, saves manpower and material resources in the detection, and improves the detection efficiency of the manufacturer.


Interface display of hermetic tester for thermos cap

Because this product can test the sealing performanceAndDifferent IPX waterproof grade, wide range of application, is widely usedMany thermosesIt is adopted by the manufacturer and has been put into the marketThermos capOfseal upIn the process of sex testingIts performance is well received by users.

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