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Sealing test of kettle

For the process of household kettle sealing test, many people do not know the importance of doing this sealing test process. Maybe many manufacturers will think of saving costs and ignore this process. What Hai Rui thought wants to remind you is that if the tightness test and air tightness test of the kettle are not done well, then in the process of use, there may be potential safety hazards. This kind of safety hazard is that we can't ignore. How to do the tightness test of the kettle? What is the testing method of water bottle sealing? How to test the tightness of the kettle? It is estimated that many manufacturers and individuals are confused. Today, Shenzhen Harris will show you how to test the tightness of its water bottle.

First of all, we have the air tightness detector of Shenzhen Harris, because the resolution of the air tightness detector of Shenzhen Harris can reach 1pA, and the products with opening and sealing can adapt to it. Secondly, according to the free testing scheme provided by Harris, according to the volume and size of the tested kettle to develop suitable mold tooling, to use the airtightness testing principle of Harris to test the airtightness. The picture case shown by Harris is a juicing cup case, such as the case of kettle, tooling and mold will be customized for you according to the customer's needs. Specific details, you can consult our current customers or call our official website to contact, we will reply to you in the first time.

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