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Hermes TWS earphone air tightness testing equipment is the leader of waterproof testing industry

More and more people are abandoning the former wired headphonesPut on a new oneTWSheadsetIt's not just thatTWSThe headset is compact and convenientGet rid of the entanglement of cableIt's because people can use itTWSheadsetIn a more comfortable wayEasy way to talk

Products to be tested:TWSheadset

However, when people use it carelessly with water, it may cause damageTWSThe headset is damaged and cannot be used, or whenTWSThe earphone body is easy to be affected by moisture in the humid air, which leads to the damage of the loudspeaker and causes economic losses to people.With the continuous updating of technology, it is necessary toTWSThe waterproof function of earphones also has higher requirements, so many manufacturers are in the marketTWSEarphones are tested for water resistance before they leave the factory.

TWSEarphone plugging position

Due to the customer's requirements for this testTWSThe earphone is operated on the whole machineIP67For the waterproof level test, Harris technology decided to use the following testing equipment and solutions:

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series air tightness and waterproof detector

Solution: the direct test method is adopted to test, and the mold is designed according to the structure of the headset. The mold is divided into three test parts, and each part is tested separately to ensure that all parts of the headset can meet the waterproof requirements. Insert the air pipe of the part to be tested into the instrument, put the product into the mold, press the start button, the mold blocks the test parts of the earphone, and the instrument enters the test program. First, pump the earphone, then stabilize the pressure, and finally test the pressure-17KPA, inflation time8S, voltage stabilization time8S, test time:5S, leakage value0.05KPA

TWSEarphone test mold

HarrisHCClassic series of air tightness and waterproof detector can quickly and accurately detect the water leakageTWSThe leakage value of the air tightness of the earphone can be used to judge whether the product is qualified or not.

TWSEarphone air tightness testing equipment

Hiris is a large-scale high-tech enterprise that independently develops, manufactures and sells air tightness detector and its supporting inspection tools. Our products serve many companies in China, and are also exported to overseas50Many countries have achieved excellent reputation in all walks of life.

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