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Airtight and waterproof detection of hiris SOS alarm and rescue device makes your detection twice the result with half the effort

In daily life, it is inevitable to encounter some things that pose a threat to one's personal safety. In some inconvenient situations,such asWhen behavior is constrained, there is no waytowardsOthers ask for help. At this timeSOSAlarm and rescue deviceThe role of the government is highlighted.

Products to be tested:SOSAlarm and rescue device

SOSAlarm and rescue deviceAs an electronic product,We know that the most fatal injury is the internal components, especially the componentsThe alarm is in useThe resistance to water vapor is relatively poor. Once the equipment is flooded or affected with moisture, the resistance to water vapor is relatively poor,Internal parts or circuit boards are corroded by water, so their service life is not high

SOSAlarm and rescue deviceWaterproof inspection fixture

becauseSOSAlarm and rescue deviceThere are various scenarios for the use of water, which may come into contact with water during the use,The traditional waterproof design has been unable to meet the increasing demand of product qualityTherefore, air tightness and waterproof detection is more and more widely used in the rescue device industry. Next, we'll share one with youSOSAlarm and rescue deviceThe case of air tightness and waterproof detection.

SOSAlarm and rescue deviceAirtight waterproof inspection fixture

According to the requirements of customers,SOSAlarm and rescue deviceNeed to achieveIP67Waterproof grade。 The following are the equipment used and the testing scheme:

Equipment used: airtight and waterproof testing equipment of classic series of Harris

Detection scheme: direct test method, according to the structure of the product customized mold, put the product into the mold, press the tooling double start button, the mold down, then plug the product up and down, so as to form a sealing state inside the product. The instrument inflates, stabilizes and tests the inner part of the product. After the set time, it detects the change of air pressure in the inner part of the product to judge (leakage value:& le;0.05KPA)Whether the product has leakage. Test pressure23KPAInflation time10S, voltage stabilization time10STest time5S

Airtight and waterproof testing equipment of classic series of Harris

10Over the years, Harris has always provided customers with free product testing solutions, and with its increasingly rich experience, it has provided customers with valuable sealing opinions, supporting key materials or testing resources in the stages of design, trial production and mass production, so as to shorten the verification cycle and avoid detours; Our products serve many companies in China, and are also exported to overseas50Many countries have achieved excellent reputation in all walks of life.

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