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How to quickly detect the waterproof performance of mobile phone speakers, Harris answers for you

With the more and more important role of mobile phone in people's life, the waterproof function of mobile phone has become a big selling point of mobile phone. Now many smart phones have the waterproof function of life, such as mobile phone camera, mobile phone speaker, mobile phone speaker

For the waterproof test of mobile phone, or the waterproof test of mobile phone accessories, the most economical and effective method is to use the air tightness test equipment (also known as the waterproof test equipment), which is developed by HarrisAir tightness testing equipmentIt is a kind of non-destructive testing instrument, using compressed air as the testing medium, it will not cause secondary damage to the testing products, and the testing accuracy can reach 1pA, the testing data can be exported to the computer, and the product quality can be traced back. At present, it has launched a multi-channel air tightness testing equipment, one equipment can test multiple products, The cost of air tightness test is greatly reduced.


This time, I'd like to share with you how Harris technology tests the waterproof of mobile phone speakers. The volume of mobile phone speakers is very small, and customers hope to test four products at the same time. So we made this four channel mobile phone horn waterproof detection equipment for customers. According to the shape of the mobile phone horn, we made four profiling slots on the test fixture to place the mobile phone horn. Each square slot is connected with an air intake pipe, and the tightness of each mobile phone speaker will be judged separately on our air tightness testing equipment.


The test process of Harris air tightness tester is divided into three stages, namely, air intake stage, pressure stabilization stage and test stage. The waterproof grade standard of the mobile phone speaker in this test is IP68. According to the test standard of the product, we set the test parameters for the product as test time 10s, voltage stabilizing time 10s and test time 10s. The test pressure is 18kpa and the upper limit of leakage is 0.04kpa. Test parameters are set according to product characteristics and customer requirements after many tests. Different product test parameters are not the same and can not be directly applied


(phone speaker test details)

For the waterproof test of mobile phone, Harris has done the waterproof test equipment of mobile phone, the waterproof test equipment of mobile phone speaker, the sealing tester of mobile phone shell, and other waterproof test equipment of mobile phoneAir tightness detectorIf you are interested, please call Harris technology【 This article is edited and published by Harris( )Please indicate the source for reprint]

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