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Sports watch 3atm waterproof test case sharing

A sports watch is a necessary prop for outdoor enthusiasts. Unlike ordinary watches, sports watches are generally waterproof, shockproof and fall proof. For sports watch with waterproof, 3atm waterproof watch is the most basic waterproof starting point. The so-called 3atm waterproof watch is able to withstand three atmospheres of water.

This time, the waterproof test product that Harris is going to make is the 3atm of sports watchWaterproof test

It can be seen from the appearance of the test product that this sports watch has no inflation port. For the products without inflation port, the test can not be carried out by direct inflation, and the waterproof test needs to be carried out by making the mold for the test products. This detection method is called indirect test method. The figure below is the mold we made according to the shape of the sports watch.


Because customers' waterproof requirement for watches is 3atm, which is equivalent to the pressure of 30 meters underwater. According to this requirement, the test pressure of this outdoor watch is 300kPa, and the upper limit of leakage is 0.1kpa. The upper limit of leakage is determined by the product, which should be obtained by testing the real leakage of the product. The air intake time is 5 s. because the test pressure is very high, the pressure needs to be stabilized for a long time. The pressure stabilization time is set to 15 s. The test time is 5 s

The air tightness testing process of Harris air tightness tester (also known as waterproof testing equipment) is divided into three stages: inflation, pressure stabilization and testing. Set the corresponding test parameters, the system automatically inflates, stabilizes and tests. According to the parameters we set, the system will automatically determine whether the product is good or bad, and there will be an alarm for the ng tested products.


Connect the air tightness tester and test tooling with the factory air source and power supply, and input the corresponding test parameters to start the test. It's just for the operator

With simple training, we can use our instrument. The operation process is simple and easy to learn.

Harris intelligent sealing tester is a new type of high-precision nondestructive testing equipment. It mainly uses compressed air as the medium to exert a certain pressure on the inner cavity or outer surface of the product to be tested, and then uses a high sensitive sensor to detect the change of pressure, so as to determine the tightness of the product to be tested. Because it uses compressed air as the medium, there is no secondary pollution to the product, and the detection speed and accuracy are better than water detection (air molecules are less than water molecules, and the leakage speed is fast), so it can be implemented on a large scale in the production line.

For waterproof watches, Harris technology has tested watches of different waterproof levels. Mainly 3atm watch waterproof test, 5atm watch waterproof test.

As well as a variety of children's waterproof watches and smart watchesWaterproof testerIf you are interested in the waterproof test of watch, please call Harris technology.

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