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Waterproof test and sealing test method of back shell of tablet computer

Electronic products with waterproof function are more and more widely used in our daily life, such as waterproof watch, waterproof mobile phone, underwater camera. Tablet enthusiasts also hope to have a waterproof tablet. In order to meet the requirements of consumers, there are different waterproof plates facing the market.

With HuaweiIn October 2017, a flat board with IP67 waterproof grade was launched, and the market of waterproof flat board suddenly became hot. Today, the product that Harris is going to do waterproof test is the back shell of a tablet computer. From the appearance of the product, we can see that there are many buttons, microphone holes, speaker holes, headphone holes and so on on on the back shell of this tablet. These buttons are the most needed placesWaterproof testThe location of the car.

(back shell of tablet)

According to the customer's requirements, water from the outside is not allowed to enter the inside of the panel through these button positions. The detection principle of hirisco leakage tester is to use compressed air to simulate water to detect whether compressed air will enter into the instrument.

As a semi-finished product, the back shell of tablet computer can be used to detect the test points directly. This method of direct inflation is called direct test method 。 What is the waterproof level of the client's tabletIP67 waterproof grade. There are 6 points where the product needs to be tested waterproof, so the air intake time and pressure stabilizing time are correspondingly extended. The test pressure is 20KPa. The test parameters are set separately according to the customer's product. Different products, test parameters will be different, can not be generalized.


(air tightness test details of flat rear shell)

Hermes technology air tightness testing equipment is customized according to the customer's products. The air tightness testing tooling and mold need to be designed according to the size and characteristics of the test products. The tooling is divided into down pressing tooling and in out tooling. According to the requirements of customers, the instruments are divided into: air tightness tester, flow tester, pressure plus flow tester, ultra-high pressure air tightness tester....


(sealing test equipment for back shell of tablet computer)

Hiris TechnologyAir tightness detector11In the past years, we have been doing free product testing programs for our customers as always, and relying on our increasingly rich experience, we have provided our customers with valuable sealing opinions, supporting key materials or testing resources in the stages of design, trial production and mass production, so as to shorten the verification cycle and avoid detours; According to the customer's requirements, we can provide one-stop service delivery with fast and high quality, and do some humanized function customization, as well as other services outside the provinceThe 24-hour and 8-hour efficient after-sales service in the province has been unanimously recognized by customers; Our products serve many companies in China and are exported to more than 50 countries overseas. We have gained excellent reputation in all walks of life.

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