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Advantages analysis of multi-channel air tightness tester application industry and multi station air tightness tester

along withAir tightness detectorThe application of waterproof tester in various industries. Many industries also put forward requirements for the high efficiency and multi-channel requirements of air tightness testing equipment. Harris technology fromtwo thousand and fifteenBefore 2000, the main supply for customers was single channelAir tightness detector。 Only one product can be tested at a time. For the manufacturers with large daily output, each production line needs to be equipped withAir tightness detectorIt can't keep up with the progress of production. According to the customer's suggestion and usage, Harristwo thousand and sixteenIn 2003, the company launched the multi-channel air tightness testing equipment. After three years, the technology of the multi-channel air tightness testing equipment is very mature and has been applied to the waterproof testing in many industries. Currently using our多通道密封性测试仪The main products tested are: electric toothbrush, car camera, mobile phone case, watch, Bluetooth headset, speaker.

Picture: three channels of electric toothbrushAir tightness detector, flue gas machine dual channel气密性检测仪, motor气密性检测仪Three channel air tightness testing equipment for mobile phone case

From our test products, we can see that for multi-channel test products, the volume is generally small, becauseMulti channel air tightness detectorIt's quite big. There are many气密性检测仪Combined equipment, if the test product volume is too large or too long, it is best to choose a single channel气密性检测仪。 For example, the car putter in the figure below is longer and longer60cm, the mold needs to be similar to the product. Intelligent customized single channel integrated sealing test equipment for customers. At the same time, the products detected by multi-channel air tightness testing equipment are generally fast-moving consumer goods, and consumers need to replace them every other period of time. Such products are in great demand in the market, and the manufacturers have a large output, so they need to be replacedMulti channel air tightness detectorHigh efficiency detection can keep up with the production speed of the factory. This point should be based on the actual production situation of customers to choose single channel or multi-channel.

Multi channel air tightness detectoradvantage

firstMulti channel air tightness detectorHigh efficiency: one device is equivalent to two or more气密性检测仪。 Multi pass tightness detector can detect multiple products at the same time, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

secondly多通道气密性检测仪Save the human resources of the manufacturer: one多通道气密性检测仪Only one operator is needed, which saves the labor cost for the manufacturer.

and多通道气密性检测仪It's an integrated testing equipment. It looks very tall. Each device is equipped with a roller, which is very convenient for the operator to move.

The following is part of the multi-channel air tightness testing equipment made by Harris technology. If your product also needs sealing or waterproof requirements, please call Harris technology.


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