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Waterproof tester can't be used? Using method and testing principle of waterproof tester for handheld reader

Science and technology change life. Today is an era of rapid development of high technology. People's lives are also changing. A few years ago, people's reading style was mainly books. Now e-readers have begun to replace books. I believe that the future is an era of paperless reading and paperless learning. With the emergence of waterproof mobile phones, e-reader manufacturers also began to do waterproof testing for e-books. Although this waterproof test is only to prevent accidents, it still brings novelty to consumers.

Harris TechnologyMany cases have been shown in the waterproof test. Today I will share with you the waterproof grade test of e-books. What is the waterproof level required for this handheld readerIP67. The test pressure we use is 10.5kpa, which is equivalent to the water pressure one meter deep. The test time is 15 seconds. This test speed can meet the production needs of manufacturers.

Customers provide us with a product, first of all, the engineering department should determine the test method through the appearance and characteristics of the product. From the appearance of the product, the product is a regular rectangular product. There is no air filling hole in the product, so there is no way to use the direct air filling test method. The engineering department needs to pass theThe 3D drawing designs a consistent mold for the product, and tests the leakage of the product by filling compressed gas into the mold. If there is leakage in the product, the compressed gas in the mold will enter into the product. If there is no leakage in the product, the change of gas in the mold is relatively small.

E-book air tightness test process

First of all, connect the instrument and tooling to the power supply and air source. Because the test medium is compressed air, the air source is necessary, and the air supply pressure needs to be in the range of 02 MPa.

On the interface of the instrument, set the test parameters and supply air pressureAfter all the parameters are set, the test product can be put into the mold to start the air tightness test.

Advantages of Hermes air tightness detector

1.The stability of Harris instrument is good. Equipped with high sensitivity imported pressure regulating valve, air pressure problem, good stability.

2.Harris is cost-effective. The quality of Harris is the best in China, and the price is superior in China.

3.Harris has a good reputation forMore than 1000 customer service, more than 4000 sets of equipment used throughout the country, reputation has been unanimously recognized.

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