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Analysis of the difficulties in the sealing test of electronic labels

Electronic tag, also known as radio frequency tag, can realize the spatial (non-contact) coupling of radio frequency signals with the reader through coupling elements, and realize the energy transfer and data exchange in the coupling channel according to the time sequence relationship. The types of electronic tags vary with different application scenarios. Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the seal detection of electronic labels, and different solutions are developed according to the types of electronic labels.

With the development of sealing detection field, new sealing detector has been developed and put into use in various fields. Today, Harris technology will analyze the application of sealing detector in the detection of electronic labels.

1、 Analysis of testing difficulties of electronic label

(electronic label)

1. The electronic label has the characteristics of small size and easy to be damaged. Its shape makes the instrument need to consider its technicality and non-destructive when testing its tightness. The traditional tightness testing scheme can not meet its testing requirements, so a more suitable solution is needed for the tightness testing of the product;

2. In the process of testing, accurate parameters are required. When selecting the scheme, the nondestructive, accuracy and professional degree of testing must be taken into account. When selecting the instrument, the complex testing mode should be taken into account.

twoThe application of sealing detector in electronic label

1. In the past, we have developed different detection schemes for products in different industries. Whether direct detection or indirect detection, we have played our own advantages in different products. For the detection of electronic labels, we need to use molds for indirect detection;

(example of sealing test of electronic label)

2. The precision of the electronic label is high, and there is no obvious interface for direct detection; In order to achieve the flexibility of detection, the customized method is adopted. The mold is fixed in the tooling, and the upper and lower molds close it to form a closed space. At the beginning of detection, clean gas is filled into the mold, After reaching a certain air pressure value, the instrument can judge the sealing degree of the electronic label according to the gas leakage in the mold.

(display of sealing test of electronic label)

3、 The advantage of HP series sealing tester in sealing test

Pioneer series is a very mature and stable instrument with convenient operation interface and economic and practical cost performance, which has won high praise in the market. The function and performance parameters of the instrument can meet the needs of most customers.

1. High sensitivity pressure sensing and regulating unit, with advanced differential pressure software algorithm, the minimum resolution can reach 0.1pA, which has won the national patent.

2. The patent technology of "IVT pneumatic sealing valve island" independently developed by Harris greatly improves the test accuracy, ensures the stability of the instrument, and greatly improves the inflation speed.

3. Full touch intelligent operating system, graphical UI design based on detection process, simple and clear operation interface, easy to teach and learn.

There are positive and negative pressure options and 8 Basic test modes, which can be combined.

4. Multiple communication interfaces: built in RS232 serial port, RJ45 network port, USB communication interface, LTP external I / O control port, supporting a variety of communication protocols.

5. It has more than 100 groups of subroutines, and each group of subroutines can be programmed independently, selected and combined to meet various complex test requirements.

6. A variety of pressure regulating components and ranges are available, and the pressure range is wide (- 80kPa & amp; mdash; 1000kPa) optional. Selecting electronic pressure regulating valve can realize multi group pressure sequence test.

7. Ultra high stability and ease of use, which have passed the rigorous test of the market.

8. A variety of accessories are available, including inflatable bypass, quick connector and standard leak. At the same time, the instrument supports third-party calibration and can issue calibration report.

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