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Parameter sharing of earphone sealing test

The Bluetooth headset, which has passed the sealing test, can let users enjoy the dynamic music in use. Its sealing function can not only improve the life of the product, but also improve the user's sense of experience. In order to meet the IP67 waterproof standard, the Bluetooth headset must be tested for its tightness. However, the traditional tightness test will bring some irreparable damage to the product. How to realize the sealing test of non-destructive earphone has become the research focus of Harris technology. After continuous innovation and improvement, we have produced the earphone sealing tester, which has been put into production.

The purpose of this training is to strengthen the use of equipment and management of customers, reduce the operation errors of operators on the tightness tester, and improve the quality of operators using the equipment. The following is the training on-site display of the hermetic technology.

1、 The appearance of earphone and the display of testing difficulties

In order to let customers understand the process and principle of the test in more detail, the trainer made an in-depth analysis on the shape of the headset

1. The earphone is small in shape and high in overall precision. The internal components are integrated with the shell. In order to better transmit the sound, there are special sound holes;

2. The special structure of the earphone makes it difficult to test its sealing performance. In the early design and production process, the earphone will have a special treatment on its shell, and the earphone has a closed sound hole, so it can't use the mold to test directly;

2、 Breakthrough of earphone sealing test

1. The operator explained the principle of the earphone sealing test to the customer. For the special shape of the earphone, Harris technology has a customized fixture for the earphone. At the beginning of the test, as long as the program is set, put the earphone in the mold, press the start button, the mold will close up and down, and the tube connecting the instrument will fill the mold with gas from below;

2. When the instrument is started, the instrument will inflate into the mold through the upper appliance, and the air pressure in the mold will slowly rise. When the air pressure is charged to the set value, the mold will be in a constant state. At this time, the induction tube will determine the flow value to detect whether the flow of the exhaust pipe meets the standard.

3Analysis of on site operation training of earphone sealing tester

1. At the beginning of the test, the operator explained the relevant system and regulations of the test equipment management, so that the customers can correctly use and carefully maintain the sound tightness tester, so as to achieve the best use effect. In this link, we require the customer staff to operate the computer, experience and be familiar with the operation process.

2. At last, Harris technology explained the maintenance work of earphone sealing tester for customers, including the cleaning, lubrication, inspection, monitoring, adjustment, fastening and finishing of the equipment& amp; ensp;

4、 Sealing test parameter table of earphone

The training service of Harris technology has been highly recognized by customers. After personnel training, it can realize fast operation of equipment, reduce the training cycle of personnel, and speed up the investment of earphone sealing detector in production line.

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