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The airtight and waterproof test of Harris can test the high quality and high standard electric toothbrush for you

Electric toothbrush is based on the shape of traditional toothbrush, adding drive structure to achieve the effect of automatic brushing. It is easy to use and has good cleanliness, so it is favored by peopleThe electric toothbrush relies on the high frequency vibration of the bristles, and its core parts are charged, so it needs certain waterproof ability, which generally needs to meet the requirementsIPX7Waterproof grade or higher

Product to be tested: electric toothbrush

Compared with many products, electric toothbrushes are more likely to come into contact with water,When people start to think about buying electric toothbrush, waterproof performance is the key factor. If the waterproof performance is not good, it will cause short life of electric toothbrush motor, bacteria breeding, circuit board short circuit and other problems, but also the risk of leakage.

Electric toothbrush air tightness waterproof inspection fixture

Therefore, waterproof is an essential performance of electric toothbrush, which can play a positive role in prolonging the service life of the product. Usually, hermetic waterproof test is used for electric toothbrush waterproof test. According to the requirements of customers, the following testing equipment and solutions are used:

Electric toothbrush air tightness waterproof detector

Equipment used: HarrisHCClassic series double channel air tightness and waterproof tester

Test scheme: the indirect positive first and negative second test method is adopted. According to the structure of the electric toothbrush, the mold is customized. The electric toothbrush is put into the mold. After pressing the start button on the instrument, the mold is pressed down to seal the electric toothbrush. The instrument enters the test procedure, and the electric toothbrush is inflated, stabilized and tested according to the set parameters. Due to the high standard requirements of customers, the quality of this electric toothbrush is higher than the standard of international first-class brands, leading the industry to a higher level. Therefore, herrens tests this electric toothbrush in two steps to meet the requirements of customers. First, use positive pressure test, test pressure: 145KPA,Inflation time:4S,holding time 3S, test time10S; And then negative pressure test, test pressure:-45KPA,Inflation time:4S,holding time 3S, test time10SMeasure the air pressure change to test the leakage of the product(Leakage value: & amp; le;0.06KPA)The system automatically determines thatOKProducts.

HarrisHCClassic series double channel air tightness and waterproof tester

With the development of the electric toothbrush industry, the customer is deeply aware that only by using higher standards to require themselves, can they serve customers more effectively, and let their electric toothbrush take the lead in the quality of the industry. Choosing Harris technology is to choose a bright future for the waterproof of electric toothbrush.

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