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Harris HW real water tester creates a new field of waterproof membrane detection

Waterproof and breathable membraneyesA new polymer waterproof materialWaterproof and breathable membraneThe technical requirements of water-proof materials are much higher than that of general waterproof materials;At the same time, from the quality point of view, waterproof breathable membrane also has the functional characteristics that other waterproof materials do not have.

Real water detection of watch waterproof and breathable film

With the rapid development of electronic industry, the waterproof of electronic products is becoming more and more importantrequirementIt has improved a lot. Waterproof and breathable membraneCan play advantages in many places, such asMobile phones, headphones, audio and so onAfter waterproof and breathable membrane, it can makeElectronics reduce the possibility of water ingress in the presence of water.

Four position real water testing equipment for watch waterproof and breathable film

Waterproof and breathable film is widely used in the electronic product industry. Before the waterproof and breathable film leaves the factory, it is generally necessary to carry out waterproof detection. The traditional detection method is generally water immersion detection, which has low detection efficiency and accuracy; In view of the above pain points, Harris technology is the first to develop and manufacture oneHWTrue water tester,HWThe real water tester is a highly automatic equipment used in the waterproof performance test of membrane materials.

Four position real water testing equipment for watch waterproof and breathable film

HarrisHWReal water tester is generally used to test the waterproof performance of waterproof and breathable membrane. After testing time, the instrument detects whether there are water drops in the closed cavity. If not, it means that there is no water vapor in the testing area; If there are water drops, the water drops will be converted into water vapor, and the amount of water vapor in the closed cavity will be detected. There is a very obvious change compared with no water vapor in the closed cavity. This principle is qualitatively different from the methods of adding water drops on the waterproof and breathable membrane to detect air tightness.

Four position cabinet tooling (real water)

Harris technology isHWThe first company of real water tester.HWAccording to the testing principle, the real water tester completes the detection of waterproof membrane instead of the traditional water immersion detection, so as to improve the detection efficiency and reduce the cost for waterproof and breathable membrane manufacturers.Hiris technology continues to improve its equipment,HWIn this way, the real water tester gradually developed.

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