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Type-C interface waterproof test principle, sealing test, IP waterproof grade test, free test scheme

Air tightness detectorAlso known as air leakage tester, leak detector, air tightness detector, waterproof detector, sealing detector, etc., it is mainly used for product sealing test, waterproof test, IP protection level test. The traditional leak detection methods mostly use water immersion method or soapy water spraying method, according to the visual inspection of the tester to determine whether the workpiece has leakage. The size of the leakage depends on the subjective judgment of the tester, so it is difficult to eliminate the influence of human factors on the test results, and it also determines that it can not quantitatively measure the leakage rate of the workpiece.

1. Mobile phone back shell now mobile phone back shell will have camera, flash and important antenna, some will have buttons, Cato and so on, generally speaking, mobile phone back shell is the most important part of the mobile phone waterproof link. It is very important to make a good waterproof tester for mobile phone back shell

2. The panel is also the mobile phone screen. The home key is the most involved one. Now the home key is mostly used for fingerprint unlocking, key operation and other functions. The home key needs to be pressed frequently, so its protection is very important. It is also necessary to use air tightness detector to test its waterproof

3. The waterproof treatment of loudspeakers is very important. If the treatment is not good, the sound quality will be greatly affected. First, it is necessary to ensure that the sound can come out without being too dense. Second, it is necessary to ensure that the water can not enter from here. Therefore, it is necessary to test the air tightness and waterproof of the horn

4. There are many kinds of charging methods for charging bit, such as plug-in charging port, metal contact charging method, inductive charging method, etc. no matter which one, because it is not integrated, it also needs to pay attention to waterproof. Also need to do waterproof test

Now that we have done so much waterproof and sealing technology, how do we do waterproof detection? You might say it's OK to just soak in the water? Yes, this is a method, but if it is put on the production line, it will be greatly inappropriate. First, it will greatly affect the production progress and take a long time; 2、 Difficult to clean; 3、 If there is water, the product will be damaged; 4、 Relying on manual judgment will be wrong, not scientific and rigorous, and a series of adverse factors. So, is there a kind of instrument that can detect accurately, is time efficient, and has no damage to the product? The answer is yes. The waterproof tester produced by Shenzhen Harris Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-quality air tightness waterproof tester for various sealing products, especially for the sealing detection of mobile phones and mobile phone peripheral accessories, which has gained recognition from customers in the industry.


Air supply pressure 0.4~1.2MPa
supply voltage 220 V / 50 Hz or 110 V / 60 Hz
Low pressure type General purpose High pressure type
Pressure regulation range 0~10KPa -80~-0.5KPa , 5~150KPa 100~1000KPa
Pressure regulation accuracy 0.02KPa 0.1KPa 1KPa
Pressure test scope 0~10KPa -80~150KPa 10~1000KPa
Test accuracy of direct compression type 0.1Pa 1Pa 3Pa %FS
Differential pressure type test accuracy 0.1Pa


  • Automotive Industry:Waterproof test of automobile lamp, waterproof test of engine parts, vehicle camera, etc.
  • Battery industry:Waterproof test for welding line of lithium battery shell, sealing test for terminal and shell, etc.
  • Home appliance industry:Coffee machine, juicer, blender, kettle and other products with waterproof requirements.
  • Smart wear:Smart bracelet, watch, underwater alarm, etc.
  • E-consumption:Sports audio, Bluetooth speaker, hair remover, electric brush, electric bath head, etc.
  • Military supplies:Walkie talkie, handheld walkie talkie, car mounted walkie talkie, three defense mobile phone, etc.
  • Valve piping:Valve sealing, pipeline permeability, joint sealing test, etc.






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