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Waterproof test of cell phone case mikong IP67

Waterproof mobile phone comes into being because of the need, and water contact is the second killer of mobile phone. For all the components in the mobile phone, it's necessary to do the sameIP67 waterproof testIt's really crucial. When it comes to the waterproof of mobile phones, it's related to the various accessories contained in mobile phones. At present, the research and development of hiris is very important防水测试仪For mobile phonesIP67 waterproof testAnd customized. Today we will explain this waterproof tester, which can also be calledAir tightness detectorIn the mobile phone caseIP67 waterproof testThe testing methods and technical requirements of the system.

Product features of hiris mobile phone case mikong IP67 waterproof tester:

1. According to the test pressure, it can be divided into low pressure type, general type and high pressure type for reference

2. The leakage detection system is composed of leakage tester, gas source and test fixture

3. Super convenient system connection

4. Power on login system is more secure

5. Convenient pre-test settings, before the test, you only need to pre select the display mode of the test results, the starting mode of the fixture, the air pressure unit, and the display accuracy

6. Complete pre-test settings, including five parts of the setup work

7. Convenient and fast product testing (setting), click "test" to quickly return to the main interface; click

"Hairuisi" in the middle can enter the test page

8. Perfect history interface, record the results of each test

8. Intelligent remote monitoring makes testing safer and more convenient

10. The addition of other settings makes the product test results more traceable!

11. The communication interface can quickly realize the automation of the production line

Test method:

Connect the IP67 waterproof tester (sealing tester) of Shenzhen Hailisi to the customized tooling of Hailisi for testing. Please contact the official website for specific parameter setting. We will provide you with IP67 waterproof test scheme according to your product requirements.




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